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Hear ye, hear ye

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:11 am
by Styx
I am happy to announce that with the final boss monsters in game we have begun a massive campaign to get more players interested. The following sites now have our name and information on the internet. – on the forums and Vote for us daily plz, just click the link underneath ... ber+Online – on the forums for all to see – fully on forums and game is listed – couple up votes is all we need to be on the top – thx to the helpful webmaster who helped me get it up and running – on the forums and waiting on uploads – just got approved and on the forums, listed the game and waiting on approval. This site will be helpful, it has a vote and player review system. @@update on this site: It is not eligible for our site as we do not consider it a traditional MUD for the purposes of our listings. When a moderator gets to it, it will be removed.@@ because we are a standalone client and not a traditional based mud plagued by 3rd party telnet junk. – submitted, up to a week before they update site

A couple of votes and posts to show your support is always helpful. Show a little love for the game, and maybe we can generate a fun filled day of killing and grilling.