Our Friend, Flint Feldman

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Our Friend, Flint Feldman

Postby Smashur » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:45 pm

Alright, so I wrote a story for fun based on the dialogue from the game surrounding some quests in Canopia from the City and Logging Camp. So, I go to Flint Feldman to do some quests and he goes,

"Hello there. Now that I am sure you are not one of those loggers, I have a task for you. As you might have noticed when you were walking here from the North, our once peaceful roads are not such a safe place anymore. I need you to help clear Journeyman's Road out so travel is safe for everyone."

After telling him that it would be no problem, he tells me, "Thank you! Find and kill 3 Forest Bandits, 3 Copperheads, and 3 Blackweave Arachnids. That should clean things up a bit."

I complete his paltry task and return. Informing him of my victory. He states, "Thank you! Here is a gold reward and some drinks on me! If you want to keep helping, talk to me again and I will send you on a mission to find the Ancient Treant in the Canopia Forest to the northwest of town." I ask him to continue, "The trees of the Canoipa Forest are being attacked and, as citizens of Canopia City, it's our job to protect them. Will you help us protect them?"

So I reply, "Yes I will help your town!"

He then tells me, "Great! Find the Ancient Treant in the Canopia Forest to the northwest of town and give him this Orb of Protection. To find him you'll need to pass through the Burbling Stream and head south. From there you'll find the Ancient Treant in that forest."

"Yes sir!", as I salute and march off.

I arrive at the Ancient Treant and he is clearly in pain. He asks for the Orb of Protection that was given to me by Flint Feldman. I hand it over and he groans a sigh of relief and states, "Thank you so much! This should help protect me from the lumberjacks for a short time. However, it won't last forever. So please talk to me again when you are ready to help more."

After helping defend the Treant's tree-brethren he spoke to me again and told of me how weak he was, "My life seems to be fading... the end is near it seems...", pleading that I return to Canopia to retrieve another Orb of Protection in an effort to sustain his survival, "Yes! My life is fading once again and needs to be restored. Head back to Canopia City and get me another Orb of Protection from Daria Emorium in the potion shop."

I quickly responded, "Yes I will hurry!" As I run through the forest and into Canopia City, I head to Daria's Pots-and-More Store. She seems troubled when I tell her that the Ancient is in need of the Orb of Protection.

"Ohh the Ancient Treant is fading and needs a Orb of Protection? Here take this and hurry!" she tells me.

I return to the Treant with haste and gave him the Orb of Protection. He softly spoke to me as he said, "Thank you so much! This should buy me just enough time to complete our last task. Please let me know when you are ready to start your final task..."

He began, "Hello there, young one. The time has come to end this once and for all. I need you to kill their leaders. Without them, the logging should be stopped for good." I nodded. Continuing, he spoke again, "Thank you, young one! Head West to the Logger's Lounge. Find and kill 2 Canopia Foreman and the Head Foreman for me!" leaning in closer to me he whispered, "The Head Foreman is elusive and often cannot be found, so keep that in mind. If he isn't there you'll have to check back later."

I told him I was going to get right on it and proceeded to the Logger's Lounge to make a bloody mess of the building and it's inhabitants. I returned to the Ancient Treant, my tough Orcish skin covered in the blood and guts of the Foremen. I told him of my trials and that the Foremen were no more and that they would no longer be able to chop his forest down.

He exclaimed in joy, "Excellent! At least some of the younger trees and saplings will be safe for a while, now. I don't have much to offer but feel free to choose from a couple different options." Suddenly, a bag of gold and a strange looking wooden bow appeared at the base of his trunk. I grabbed the bag of gold and he spoke again, "Thank you, young one! I don't have much time left but I want you to have this so that you can continue to protect the forest."

On my return to Canopia City, I passed through the stream and took a minute to wash my body of the blood and guts splattered upon me. I could feel my body more supple than when I left, my muscles now pulsing with power and swelled in size. I flexed briefly and stretched out after my wash. I headed into the city and deposited my gold sack at the bank. I returned to the Tavern, hoping there were new bulletins or news on how to make some quick gold and Flint approached me as I walked in.

"Hello there. You did such a great job with Journeyman's Road that I have a new job for you. I need you to help clear Raiders Road out so travel is safe for everyone." I wondered how he would have known, perhaps Daria had told him of my trials when I returned to her for the Orb. Regardless, I told him that wouldn't be a problem and he said, "Thank you! Find and kill 8 Beggars and 5 Roadside Bandits just South of town on Raiders Road. That should clean things up a bit."

I walked out through the southern gate of the city and the dry, dusty air hit me. I peered across the wastelands as sand was blowing every which way, obscuring my sight. Suddenly a long staff swings in front of me. I deftly darted to the side to dodge, following up with 2 quick blows from my walking stick. After the two blows disorient the Beggar, I spin in a roundhouse kick, my foot contacting the side of her head. Her eyes widened for just a moment before her skull caved in on itself, leaving her face a mangled mess. Thus my quest began.

After taking care of the bandits on the southern road, I returned to Flint. I told him stories of my triump. He handed me my rewards again and said, "Thank you, young lumberjack! Here is a gold reward and some pie on the house! Oh, while you're out in the forest, don't bother talking to that Ancient Treant, okay? He's a tree-hugger and only wants to get in our way!"

Now, I wrote the story out of fun for myself, and I hope you guys enjoyed it. But the main thing I wanted to illustrate here is how at first he's worried about the Ancient Treant, on top of mentioning that I wasn't a Lumberjack (telling me I wasn't one of those loggers). After the quest line was completed, he calls me young lumberjack (when I didn't even do the quests for Algor Thornwood at the Canopia Trading Post at the Logging Camp), then mentions the Ancient Treant again, this time saying to stay away from him because he's a tree-hugger and wants to get in "our" way, which I assume refers to the Loggers of the Canopia Forest (as that's pretty much the quest line that you do for him).

I don't know if this was overlooked during the quest re-writing, was intentional, or even noticed, or if perhaps our friend Flint has some mental issues he's dealing with :mrgreen: , but figured I ought to mention.

Cheers :)

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