World Walker - Crimson Dragon is back!

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World Walker - Crimson Dragon is back!

Postby NiteHawk » Wed May 31, 2017 10:43 am

I am attempting to test how he works, but he is now in place. For people that don't know what this is, it is a mob that spawns once a day and is only around for a small period of time. He originally had a ton of HP, but instead we've changed it to hopefully be more interesting for players.

There are some adjustments with him now though:
-His HP is alot lower, it's around 250k now instead of millions.
-He has three attacks instead of two. Still slow to attack regardless.
-When he alerts everyone through a message that he is somewhere in the world, you will have 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes to get to him before he starts attacking. He is immune during this time (And will have messages every 60 seconds to 30 seconds.). This might be changed to a longer time.
-He only stays for about 10 minutes (instead of 15 minutes). I might adjust this too but with the very low HP and the amount of people we have now and days it should be OK. I wanted it to be a quick thing people do as there will eventually be more then one of these.
-He only drops crimson scales. These will eventually be crafted into crimson items. I have not added the crafting yet but I'd advise starting on it now.
-He has milestone drops. This means every 50k HP or so he will drop one or two crimson scale(s). When he dies, he will drop several however.
-It takes four to six days for him to respawn normally.
-The room the dragon spawns in will become an arena area. This means that ANYONE can die here, and there is no XP loss/Immunity/etc. The room itself will indicate this in red letters.
-Crimson Dragon doesn't constantly fly in the air anymore. (He still does, but it's not a 40% rate).

Now about Crimson Scales:
-Crimson scales bind you to the room for 30 seconds and make you vulnerable when you pick it up. You need support to keep yourself alive.
-You cannot be protected during this time. You can be healed however.
-You cannot move in a party during this time. You are locked in place until then.
-During this time you cannot get other crimson scale items (or other items that use this script). So if he drops more then one crimson scale you'll only be able to grab one for 30 seconds. This means generally that you'll only be able to pick up one.
-This bind only occurs in non city areas. It does not occur in safe areas.
-You can only one of these items at a time in an unsafe area.
-Logging off has the same 30 second timer effect. So you cannot simply ninja log off and come back later. (This isn't into effect until tomorrow though.)

I'll be monitoring him throughout each day. He might spawn a bit late today though. Once this is set, I will be making the world walkers for each divinity, and maybe will actually complete the dragon peak I wanted to do. Because Dragons.


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