Dev Blog: Todo & Trade Windows Coming Soon...

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Dev Blog: Todo & Trade Windows Coming Soon...

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:35 pm

Hey guys!

I've decided that when I do some of the larger updates to the game, I will post them on the main website for everyone to gawk at. I think it will be good for the community to see what I am working on and if there are any questions or problems people can post about it ahead of time.

For the next bigger release, I am aiming to attempt to release three or four things:
-Trade Window
-Auction Hall (w/ filters)
-Being able to add images without having to update client EXE.
-MR balances.

Theres a lot of work here and it is an ongoing process. At this time however I am working on trade windows, which is close to complete. So let's talk about trade windows!

To trade, both parties must /trade with each other for the window to open up. You can then add gold and drag and drop up to 6 items. When both parties are satisfied, you can accept the offer, if you don't like the offer, you can reject. Commands also work too, such as /tadd, /tremove, /tgold, etc, but you can ultimately use the interface for handling everything.

What is great is you can also examine the items that the player has tossed up. You can even toss up items for viewing that cannot be traded due to soulbounding as well, just to show someone an item for gloating purposes. This ensures you get what you actually asked for. On top of this, any modifications to the gold or items will auto 'unaccept' the items and you'll both have to click Accept again, as a security measure (I.E. A adds in 10000 gold, B adds item. B accepts trade, but just before A accepts trade, he sets gold to 0 and then clicks accept. So we must prevent that!)

Trading may only occur in trade halls. I will most likely start with one trade hall and scale it from there depending on how it goes. Trade halls will also be where the auction system will go as well. So one room that handles both tasks. Should be a nice addition overall!

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