Dev Blog: Auction Window (35% complete)

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Dev Blog: Auction Window (35% complete)

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:01 pm

Hey guys!

I just wanted to bring everyone up to date on how the auction window will work. I only have a portion working on it right now, but I decided not only to have buyout features, but also actual bidding features. This means you'll be able to tango against others for a bid. You can use one or both features at the same time as well.

You'll get 15 items per page. You can see that you can filter out alot of items using the left hand drop down or text boxes which makes it pretty easy to find what you are looking for. I am also aiming to allow sorting hopefully via values, time left, etc. More filters may come in the future but this is a good starter. When you select an item, you'll get a description of the item and some information about the auction, which will appear below the listing and come up when you double click an item.

If bidding is enabled, if there is 30 seconds or less left and someone bids, another 30 seconds will automatically get added to the timer to prevent last snipe bidding and also to encourage people to fight for items they really want. Can can bid higher than the current value, and it will only up to the competitors bid I.E:
-The auction starts at 2000 gold and buyout is 5000 gold. I bid 3000 gold, but the auction will still be marked at 2000 gold, and that I have bid.
-Kawasaki bids 2500 gold, which is still lower then my original 3000 gold bid, the auction price gets raised to 2500 gold and I still have the highest bid.
-Lavelia bids 3500 gold. The auction will be marked to 3001 gold, and Lavelia will hold the maximum bid. I will get a telegram that I was outbid!
-In a huff I buyout the item for 5000 gold and take the item.

So it will occur something like that. Again buyout or bidding isn't required, but regardless there is always a time limit. I am thinking 1 day to 2 weeks will be okay for a auction time, selectable by the player. The fee will be something like 2% or 5% for using the service which is paid when the auction is complete. (occurs as a tax deduction to the final gold you earn.)

There is also a good chance that the auction system will start in one specific area, most likely Seamoor. We'll take it from there as it goes, but the aim is to make Seamoor a trade hub as it is the first stop for newbies, so it being the most popular would be a good thing too. It will be linked to the bank in that city, so that when money needs to be taken or given back, it is done automatically with little hassles. Item rewarding will most likely be done through telegrams or something similar to ensure that if a player is offline they get what they won.

There are some missing things here too, such as being able to view your own auctions but I have a good idea to handle that. Overall it is progressing OK but there is still a good amount left to do. I will hopefully have a time estimate soon though.

Hope this looks alright to everyone!

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