Character Creation Revised / Launcher Improvements

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Character Creation Revised / Launcher Improvements

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:00 am

With the client update coming out, character creation has been revamped!

The system itself allows for better understanding of how classes, races, and divinities work. It also is much simpler to select an image, check to see if the character name is available, and tries to ensure better/correct stat allocation. It also looks pretty cool too! Here is how it currently looks:

There are still some improvements to be done, but it is a BIG leap from the old creation system.


The launcher has been improved now and should hopefully auto update itself on it's own now too! If it does fail, it will redirect you to the web page again. The only means of failure would be depending on where the Launcher is being run at, so make sure it is a location that doesn't require administrative rights. Otherwise, you either need to download the launcher manually, or run the launcher as administrator.

I've also solved the stacking issue in the taskbar. Hopefully the launcher and exe will stack properly using the same 'icon' in your taskbar, as before it was not doing it at all.


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