missing gold

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missing gold

Postby Cercyon » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:59 am

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Please Choose a Request Type: I found a server bug or game breaking issue.

not sure if im in the right spot but i sold an item in an auction but only received about half the gold. Here is the tele that i got

Auction id #3856 has been won by HopeLess and you have recieved 29100 gold minus 3% tax (900 gold) for your 1 Ivory Nunchakus(s). Gold has been added to Seamoor City's vault. Seamoor City old vault amount: 0 gold. New vault amount: 29100 gold.

But the gold i recived was only half that maybe even less im not sure how much i had in there before
Gold in vault of Seamoor City: 10921

i think i had about 4k already in there but im not 100% sure when i clicked on the tele it didnt give me the option to recive or anything...
Any way i could get some help with this?

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Re: missing gold

Postby Terron » Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:00 am

did you win any auctions? the money is instantly removed from seamoor bank
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Re: missing gold  Topic is solved

Postby NiteHawk » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:20 pm

Are you sure you weren't using it. I.E. For other auctions (it removes it automatically) or other things?

The auction was complete on the 1st around 1PM so it's been a couple days now. The gold is auto added even before you read the telegram. The server wouldn't just add half the gold though, I know based on programming that it would of either been none at all or the full amount. Those values it gets are actually values that the bank system sends back once the gold is added, so the telegram wouldn't receive or give proper values (and deduction of gold) or you'd get no telegram at all. This is the reason for 'Seamoor City old vault amount: 0 gold. New vault amount: 29100 gold.' as well. It's a literal grab like /balance does. before and after.

I might change it to an item (bag of gold) in the near future because it's easier to miss right now VS an actual item you get and use once you win. Not sure yet.

You also had a fund deposit of around 28000 gold to the Wiken bank which didn't exist (You had 0 gold in Wiken before this) on the 2nd, which didnt' exist on the 1st. It was spent pretty faster though.

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