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Postby Kruell » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:02 pm

This would be a command that Owners and Leaders can use and can only be seen by Officers and up when they use /glist.
/gnote player "well, short notes"
It would allow guilds to make notes about members. Most notably this can be used by a guild to keep track of a person's "Main" by notating all their other characters. Guilds can also make other notes related to the characters. I was thinking about World of Warcraft and their clan feature of a public and hidden clan note feature. In one clan, we note down who our main is. In another, we note who invited the person. In yet another, we note people who regularly lead certain raids.

Alternately /gsetnote about a player and /gnote to read it but if the characters are limited it would be a useful tool for guild organization and management.
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