Experience Points Per Damage Raised

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Experience Points Per Damage Raised

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:22 pm

I've raised back up the EPPD a hefty 25%. This means overall leveling will be improved (AKA same XP as before, faster exhaust rates, more XP.) So for example, a level 25 monster that has 53 XP per damage, is now 71 XP per damage (For 200 points of damage it is 10600XP originally, but now 14200XP).. This is what it used to be before we changed it in the update... But you unexhaust must faster!

This also translates in spells such as reverse healing or smite.

This will only start occurring on newly spawned monsters. So once you kill an area clean, you should be good.


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