Build Change Log - 9-16-18

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Build Change Log - 9-16-18

Postby Lateralus » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:28 am

The final 2 quests of the Yundrik Bitteraxe master leatherworker chain have been completed and now are in game.

You should be able to find him around the docks of Alderra City if you have not already. He offers a long chain quest in creating the most powerful boots in the land. All 7 quests are now available.

This includes some slight tweaks as well:
Changed pic on blackspawn boots
Created new items,shops,quests for this chain
Adjusted blackspawn spotter spawn time (slightly shorter)
Blackspawn badges now stack up to 100

Best of luck on helping Yundrik on his quest to create the most powerful boots.

Other changes:

Fixed copper wedding ring description

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