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Postby NiteHawk » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:53 pm

-When you are about to transfer a character, the game will warn you on any items that are account bound that it will delete.
(it will list the items before hand!).
-Fix to a bug where it claimed 10 gold per telegram but was 20 gold.
-Fizzle formula has been adjusted to only use one random number not two. The fizzle rate is still the same (typically between 2.5%-6% for spells, but on average around 4% with moderate INT), however the overall fizzle rate will be less 'erratic/random' as we're only calling one random dice, not two. This should help a bit.
-Added the charge cost per day and how many days can be charged on any charged item (Necklaces mostly)
-Added debug mode to see if we can resolve the crash, this may slow down the server a little but please bear with us. Need a crash to get a proper debug and then we'll go back to live mode.
-When a computer/laptop goes into sleep mode it will break connection properly now.

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