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Re: 1.7.1.x Feedback

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:10 am

Styx wrote:Remember back when people hated on priests cause they had heavy armor? So now they changed to light armor with aegis. All in the name people couldn't wipe them out.

So now people pick something new to hate upon? Is the real problem people can't wipe out one group yet again?

Nothing will ever be absolutely equal no matter , if that was the case then we would all be one race, with one skill, all attacking with absolutely the same amount of damage. How boring would that gameplay be in the end ?

And maybe it's that small amount of variety that changes things, and with an introduction of more choices it will complicate things even more, leading down the path of person a feels person b should be exactly the same yet again.

In the end, it's just a game, run around kill stuff, have some competition with others, make a few friends, and take some to time to relax.

Eh? I think debating stuff is fine Styx. Everyone will have says, some are right, some are wrong, but I'd rather people post everything rather then not. Some good ideas come out of it. Even if it's not exactly how it started. Some people get neato ideas from other ideas, and the make something out of it/etc.

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Re: 1.7.1.x Feedback

Postby Terron » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:27 am

i dont think the game needs equalized period. we have magic , we have fanatical types like saurian and half orc, we have higher resistant types. the game forms a triangle of combat. only half orc slayers actually dominate the magic resist fighter types. while at the same time never die to magic unless 3 casters (sometimes 2) get the full drop on them. it is a problem, however its not the main one. personally i think the magic damage penalty was a good idea, but it only needed to be added to half orcs.

healing is a bit crazy, and if i remember correctly when priests had heavy armor they also healed close to or over 400(420 on my gnome). they even won events then because 2 heal cap was still like 1700-1800 hps. im not saying priests should heal for 85. but they can currently aid for 285 heal for 185 and cure for 100-110. and pot for up to 255(top potion). they are typically immune to a full party as long as they can run away and slow down combat. in almost every bit of combat we have currently there are no priests. they arent needed, guards and minstrels heal enough. the only time u see a priest is if they are trying to STEAL a dragon scale and laugh while they heal themselves.

as u read nitehawks graphs you can plainly see nothing but gnome casters and half orc dpsers can do enough damage to beat heals if they even do that. horcs round low hp races im not even sure they can actually beat healing w/o it. gnomes can drain a priest by hitting a 10 wis target although they dont beat heals, but any other dpser is 100% free to inflict damage.
all the other races get dumb luck kills, or finishers, after horc smashes 800 or a dragon tail slaps. or just plain party killing 1 target.
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