Race Idea: Forsaken

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Re: Race Idea: Forsaken

Postby Hollow » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:44 am

Kruell wrote:When I through out an undead "Ghul" race, I spouted pretty much those same stats. Then I realized it was just a variant goblin. Ultimately though, we've got such a good spread on stats that anything we make is going to be similar to something unless it's uber weak or over powered.

PS: If it's dead, make SMITE work against them.

Well, my response to that is we have 4 races with very similar stats that have different passives/advantages over each other Human/DarkElf/Elf/Half-Elf aren't that different from each other stat wise. Humans are basically beefier elves, whereas half-elf provides a balance between the two. Dark Elf is a little stronger than an elf, uglier and less wis/int but they can see in the dark.

I don't see why we couldn't have more races that are similar in stats but different in execution. Goblins are currently the only race that you can do a high agi/high end build on without suffering too much in other areas.

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