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Upcoming Changes for

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:13 pm

First off, we will be taking some people who want to help test the new server release. If you want to help with this stay tuned on discord. It will occur for an hour or two and we will be tested a few new things. I'll be taking people that I know can give feedback and haven't given staff any problems in the past.

There are some minor class/race changes that should help balance out a little more, and also one new class, "Arcane Archer". This new class is a hybrid mix between magical and physical that uses a bow. It should be a pretty fun class to use, though will require some tweaks the first weeks it released. More information will be released soon!


Next, we have experience loss coming back. The majority seemed to want it back and I do agree with it. However, we want to make sure it is fair for BOTH sides of the coin. I will explain it very quickly:

1. For under 25ers: You can lose up to 1% of your total experience. For example, if you have 200 million, you can lose up to 2 million maximum (1%). If you have 250 million, you can lose up to 2.5milion maximum.

2a. For over 25ers: Notoriety and 'Divinity Punishment' are being introduced. If you don't kill under 25ers, you won't suffer experience loss/divinity punishment, so it won't effect 25er vs 25er fights 'normally'. Every time you kill a under 25er, you will gain notoriety. The more notoriety you have, the more experience loss/divinity punishment you will get.

3b. When you die as a 25er with notoriety: Your notoriety will be reset to 0 and you will lose experience loss and earn divinity punishment. (Notoriety MAY also be reduced per day, but will be a low amount, unsure yet.) Both can be described as follows:

Experience Loss: You lose experience based on how much notoriety you kill. You can lose up to 1% the experience as well, but it is based on the level 25ers max experience. (So if you need 300 million for level 25, you can lose 3 million, down to 297 million.) As you start dipping below your experience cap for level 25, you will start experiencing reduced stats, up to -3 per stat. To counter this slightly, you will be able to BUFFER your experience by a very small amount as well. This will most likely need tweaking for how much you can buffer and how much you can lose. As soon as you get your experience back up to the minimum cap your stat loss will decrease and go away.

Divinity Punishment: The other part is when you die, your god will be displeased if you have notoriety. You will suffer divinity punishment as a result based on how much notoriety you have. This will stack and the only way to remove it is to pay gold to your god. The more you let it sit, the more you'll have to pay. Divinity punishment reduces your divinity bonus up to 10% and increases the damage dealt by your divinity weakness up to 10%. For example, if I am night divinity and have max divinity punishment, I will lose 10% divinity damage against earth and be hit with 10% more damage from fire.


We opted for the punishment system rather then having to buy some sort of license/dropping it since it's more lore like and doesn't require you to have one at all times. We may also do something like the gold given to your gold will be partially split to the people you killed, sort of like your god is trying to 'apologize' on your behalf'. More details will be explained later on.


We also have a friend system coming out. The friend system allows you to invite/accept your friends into a list, and see when they come online/offline. It also allows you to set private message to guilds/friends/all so you can limit who messages you.

friendlist.png (46 KiB) Viewed 1819 times


I'm also creating a small system to help understand class/race bonuses, and what spells actually do. For example, did you know shell also increases your MR/spell damage negation as well? It's small things like this that might be missed and until we get the new client, I want to make sure everyone knows what bonuses they have. It may be missing one or two things, but if so, you'll just have to poke me and I'll add it.

sp.png (57.33 KiB) Viewed 1819 times
ab.png (77.5 KiB) Viewed 1819 times


I'm also looking at reworking the guild system a bit, but it won't occur in this update just yet. We're also working fast on the crafting system and next update that should be in as well. Alot of small internal changes like the affix system will be coming into this patch, just unused yet. Alot of fixes coming out this patch too. Thanks guys

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