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Postby NiteHawk » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:22 am

Some adjustments have been made to races/classes, including one new class. The new class (Archer) is in a testing phase now and will be tweaked as need be. Please expect this in the incoming weeks!

All data for changes can be found here; viewtopic.php?f=50&p=18534#p18534

Quick mentions:

-Everyone gets a free re-allocation.
-Some races have been adjusted. We'll be looking at how it goes in the upcoming days.
-You'll see Elemental was renamed to Primordial. Elemental didn't make much sense as a race name because Elementals are more monster like. If anything they would of been called Genasi, but I feel like Genasi require a divinity bonus, and the current race does not promote needing it because it's pretty niche. I plan to add an actual 'divinity race' into the mix in the future.
-Sorcs lost some AC on self SS, but gained it back with their new spell 'shield'. Even though the AC is around he same as before, it's actually far better as it is considered DEFLECT AC and deflect AC is about 0.5 per point instead of 0.24. Plus they'll be able to have a chance for 100% absorb/deflects.
-Pets/Summoning are different in combat. This might be changed or adjusted but both rangers and casters have unique ways now of casting in/out of combat. Healing is far better for rangers out of combat, and necros leech is also better.
-Friends can now be added as well as toggling your PM mode to only allow from guild/friends/etc. Quick key is CTRL-F though it can be accessed in the menu panel too.
-You can now find information on spells/skills and bonus stats. Obviously for spells/skills click the 'skills' tab and you can click (?) to view them. For stats however, click on the stats tab twice (or once if you are already on it) to view the details.
-XP loss is now back on death. Will explain this more in detail with the punishment system too.
-Unique monsters will no longer wait for their exhaust timer if no one is in the room, they will prepare their attack much like a player can. This does not effect regular monsters, only orange and higher.
-Heal decay is different and mostly for testing purposes. Instead of the healer losing heal decay, the person you heal loses it. This mean that having 4 healers will most likely cause you to lose decay faster though it will be per person if all four heal one target for example. (The decay rate is slightly changed too however.). Might swap back, but it's probably a OK change.
-/Protect no longer works out of your party. Too much abuse was being done with this and protect is fairly powerful as it is.
-Friendly NPCs no longer attack endlessly if you go AFK. They will stop after awhile. Again due to abuse and people farming while afking for hours. If you abuse this mechanic now, it will be seen as botting as it technically requires your character to be doing something.
-Debuff/Buff messages should be more visible now. I may of missed some or made wrong colors. It should be green for any buff/debuff that activates, and red when it expires. You only see green on self, but will see red for everyone to help out with recasting.

The game is subject to more changes as we need to balance this out. I know not everyone will be happy with some of the changes, but some of it needed to be done.

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