XP Loss/Punishment System

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XP Loss/Punishment System

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:37 am

XP Loss is back.

-You can lose a total of 1% your current experience for characters under level 25. This is not based on your level, but actual experience. So if your character has 200 million experience, you can lose a maximum of 2 million experience only. Once you hit past 200 million again, the cap will start increasing as well again, but only once you recover that experience first! (You will never lose 2 million from one death either as a under 25er)
-If you kill a under 25er and you are the aggressor, you'll gain +1 Notoriety (maximum 10). Notoriety alone does not do anything.
-If you die in any case with Notoriety, you will suffer XP loss, based on how much Notoriety you have. 25ers can lose up to 2% their total experience maximum before getting capped.
-You will suffer stat loss after 1% exp loss as a 25er. So between 1-2% experience, you'll suffer up to -3 to your stats until you regain the experience.
-Notoriety will become a Divinity Penalty on death (maximum 10 again). This lowers your divinity bonuses and increases damage taken on you by the divinity you are weak against up to 10% for both. For neutral classes they will lose their neutral damage bonus and take 10% damage against all divinities. This can be removed by REPENTING to your god, and requires gold. The more penalty you have, the more it will cost. It will also cost MORE TO HEAL if you don't do anything about your penalty as well. This affects all your 25ers.
-A portion of the gold you pay to 'repent' will go towards people who have died to you and a large portion will go to the killer(s) through a telegram. So PKKing can be a thing for gold reasons. We may have some sort of bounty board in the future so you can see who has the higher notorites/etc.
-A person with Notoriety cannot /togglewho and will be RED in /who and show up as WANTED in look over.
-If you have Notoriety/Penalty it will not effect your under 25ers characters.
-This does NOT affect 25vs25 fights if you have no Notoriety! No XP loss will occur!
-Someone who heals a aggressor will become an aggressor themselves!
This is all subject to change and is experimental at the moment, thanks.

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