Global Chat & Public Discord - Your warning.

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Global Chat & Public Discord - Your warning.

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:52 am

Hello ladies and gentleman. I hate bringing this up because this is catch 22 but here we go.

Though global chat/public discord is generally lax, there have been a few who seem to either not realize what they're doing, or simply think trolling is the best way to deal with people. I have been trying to allow to speak as they want, but it's starting to become a problem again and I think something needs to be done with it, so far in the last couple weeks:

-A old player was bulled to the point of leaving due to past history in another guild, they has quit the game completely. Apparently X people have to comment on everything they say line by line and then get upset when they react to a borderline troll comment and wonder why they are so angry with them.

-A new player joins the game and asks how the game is, immediately go to how terrible the community is (even though from what I can see it's only a small portion of people that seem to be commenting like idiots). Then comment how everyone will report you on anything you do in the game (Whut? I haven't gotten a report in a long time now.) Seriously guys? :| You know how many times I've seen newbies quit just because of goofy things like this? The first few hours matters in any game!

-Drama about PKing and also trash talking people for no apparent reason other then dying once in game. (I got to add that trash talking after dying, normally just causes more problems for you in the long run, no offense.)

-Bypassing the swear filter by misspelling swears. Ugh.


Common guys, a lot of you know better. It really stinks to have to start muting people but I feel like it doesn't help the game to be a tart in global, specially if there are new players around. Right now the game is supported by premium, if I don't have enough to support the server I won't, and stuff like this has cost another 2 memberships. (FYI currently premium doesn't make 'tons o money' if people are saying that.) Server costs me $840 USD a year and I'm also taxed 35% right off the bat on anything and another 20% when I pay, that's life here. I don't want to go on a rant about this but it's annoying to see certain things could be avoided if you just play a little better with each other.

I have seen some people also party up with others and/or be helpful too as of lately, even commending when they have PK fights. Those are pretty nice to see. I hope this portion continues, please try to help new players and try to be gents in global please.


P.S. Why are people dropping keys in the trash? I don't understand this logic. Taking the keys only to get rid of them, then mocking on global chat is really stupid. It's hurting the game to 'block' people doing things if you aren't going to do them. It's as almost as if you don't want people to do anything in game so they can get bored/quit and are working towards trying to destroy the game (which is odd since ya'll play quite alot yourselves). I can understand if your keeping keys to RUN the oads, but just outright trashing them and laughing in global is really sad to see. I guess people are going to be upset when we change things because of this, 'How dare we ensure players can do stuff in the game!' etc.

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