Room Dwarven Mines 77 (1725)

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Room Dwarven Mines 77 (1725)

Postby Smashur » Sat May 11, 2019 1:03 pm

Character Name: Alidius
Please Choose a Request Type: I found a typo or grammar error.

Short Description:
<Dwarven Mines - Lifts> The dwarves prove their mastery of all things mechanical in thier creation of the lift. It grinds and groans but the tunnel it moves through is smoothly cut and carefully polished so it doesn't catch on any rough edges. The mine continues to the south. There is a winch that can be pulled to activate the lifts.

In the top most line, which seems to be the second line when loaded in my client, the their is typo'ed as "thier"

Sorry to nitpick


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