Build Changes/Notes 9-25-19

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Build Changes/Notes 9-25-19

Postby Kruell » Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:59 pm

These changes have been a long time coming. With the exception of the Phantom Quartz, all of these projects were started by staff members who are no longer with us. We appreciate their hard work and have completed and put it in game for your enjoyment.

New Areas
Patina Caverns - New area for level 8+ will be found at the end of the river just east of the Trolls. This area is meant to supply a low level area for crafting needs but there are some nice item drops in there as well for low levels.

Abandoned Camp - The staging ground for the attack on Linwood has recently been found. It seems the archeologists uncovered the path by accident. The Blackspawn have mostly moved on but there are still some remnants in place.

OaD Changes
Fort Ellison - The kill to pass areas have been changed on the first level. The Gnolls will let people leave but will still try to keep you out. This was done to better facilitate questing completed inside the area and does not affect the OaD portion.

Phantom Quartz - The key monster for the Divine OaD no longer spawns in one spot. He has a chance to spawn in multiple spots inside the mine. He also walks around so if you don't get to the spot right away he can get lost within the mine so good hunting.

Blackspawn Forest - NOW AN INSTANCE Although the Blackspawn Forest no longer requires a key to enter, the mechanics are very much the same once inside. It can only be entered ONCE PER ACCOUNT so don't wipe. Blackspawn Badges and Leather Scraps will still drop at a reduced rate within the instance as it is no longer the farm spot for those items. This is no longer a macro holding OaD as the bosses are quite a bit tougher.

As with any new content, feel free to let us know if you find anything wrong or unusual. We hope you enjoy the new content and your expedited trips to the temples.

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