Build Change/Fix Log - 10-6-2019

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Build Change/Fix Log - 10-6-2019

Postby Kruell » Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:19 am

Some minor changes to instances already in game were made, mainly for build/server reasons and probably won't be noticeable.

Magma Pools - To get to the Flame Salamander you will again need the Blue and Green Sigils.

Treasure Fiends Den - This instance no longer requires the Delirium Crystal and Rusty Key to enter. It retains the limit of 3 people per entry.

Lost Temple of Tegus - The Cyclops and his Hags are now available to people who don't have 3 hours to wait on keys to respawn. The number of people who can enter this has been reduced to 2.

Ringleader - Still requires a Golden Key to get in but it is now an Instance to better accommodate people who need to do it for the Linwood quest

OaD Changes
I normally won't list little changes or tweaks to monsters but the Blackspawn Forest monsters are getting an upgrade. Some have new abilities, some are taking steroids. Also fixed a typo that caused the Uganth Hostile to be quite a bit weaker than he should be so :oops:

As always, we may be making small changes to these instances in the near future as we tweak them.
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