Build Changes Log December 18

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Build Changes Log December 18

Postby Kruell » Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:39 pm

Blackspawn Woods Instance
  • New drops put in. Most of the key bosses have a chance to drop items of some type.
  • Boss strengths and abilities increased.
  • Altered monster divinity within the Instance for bosses with no divinity or invalid div.

Lost Temple of Tegus
Now it should check to require a canoe for entrance.

Several quests fixes went in, some details below but not all.
  • Linwood quests were altered slightly. The Raider Chief now has a name and will now be in more often for those with the quests where she is needed so it should be easier for people to kill her instead of checking for days before seeing her.
  • Drelvar quests were altered slightly to improve for flow. Quests give clear information or will end at the next questgiver to prevent people from missing the directions.

Kraken Isle/Seven Seas
Drops were slightly increased and the sell price for most drops was greatly reduced.
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