Monk Stance Benefits

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Monk Stance Benefits

Postby Lateralus » Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:25 pm

Sun - All beings in Ciruin draw strength from the Sun. Mastery of the Sun Stance will provide one with the ability to draw even more strength and resilience from the life-giving rays, but it becomes harder to dodge incoming attacks. You gain 1.5 strength and 12 armor but sacrifice 1.5 agility.

Wind - The wind is all around us, invisible in itself but noticeably changing the world as it darts and dodges through trees and mountains. Mastery of the Wind Stance provides one with the ability to move like the wind, gaining agility and defense yet losing strength and protection from magic. You gain 1.5 agility but sacrifice 1 strength and 1 wisdom.

Ocean - The ocean is in many ways an armor around the world, protecting many of the undiscovered secrets of Ciruin in its depths. Mastery of the Ocean stance grants one the wisdom of the deep, providing significant magic resistance, but at the cost of strength and resistance to physical attacks. You gain 2 wisdom but sacrifice 12 armor and 1 strength.

Moon - As the Sun retreats for the day and the Moon ascends into the sky, the shadows gain dominion over the land and opportunities arise for those willing to open themselves to new perspectives. Mastery of the Moon Stance grants a significant boost to intelligence, giving one the ability to understand how to use the night to their advantage. You gain 3 intelligence, 10% roundhouse damage, and gain the ability to autosneak (perma). You will also understand flash bombs better, resulting in a far longer hidden effect while in this stance. You will however sacrifice 1 agility and 1 wisdom.

Blight - In all things, there is balance. Destruction to balance creation, good to balance evil, order to balance chaos. Such is the case with the natural forms as well. Blight Stance is that balance, and mastery over it will bestow the ability to corrupt life. You will deal 5% of your damage as poison damage (For example, if you attack a target for 200 points of damage, you will also deal 10 points of damage per tick in poison damage) but sacrifice 2 intelligence and 1 strength.

Mountain - To us that come and go in life, only occupying the physical realm for a short time, a mountain remains an unchanged reminder of the stalwart strength of Ciruin. Mastery of the Mountain Stance grants significant defense against physical attack, but at the cost of one’s resistance to magic. You gain 36 armor but sacrifice 3 wisdom.

Spirit - The spiritual realm is where our Gods reside, and in each of us is a link to that realm. Mastery of the Spirit Stance grants increased communion with one’s God, but draws the ire of that God’s rival. You gain 5% damage on the divinity you are strong against but lose 5% resists on the divinity you are weak against.

Mist - In the mist, chaos and confusion reign. One must anticipate rather than react, as it is difficult to prepare for what one cannot see. Mastery of the Mist Stance provides increased strength and agility at the cost of resistance to both physical and magical attack. You gain 0.7 strength and 0.7 agility. You will however lose 12 armor and 1 wisdom.

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