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Postby NiteHawk » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:15 am

-Additional script functions added. (Will update the wiki in a few days).

-Changes to soulbound:
--Emberstone Shard: Emberstone shards are used to bind weapons/armor level 21 and under. Costs 500 gold at any store that sells Emberstones. Can combine 5 shards into an Emberstone.
--Emberstone: Used to bind weapons/armor level 22 and up or any additional non weapon/armor item. Costs 2500 gold (same as before). Can split 1 emberstone for 5 shards.

-Price Changes:
--Scroll of Soulbound: Costs 500 gold. (Originally 2500 gold)
--Scroll of Enchanting - Dull: Costs 150 gold. (Originally 500 gold)
--Scroll of Enchanting - Soft: Costs 400 gold. (Originally 1000 gold)
--Scroll of Enchanting - Bright: Costs 800 gold. (Originally 2000 gold)
--Scroll of Enchanting - Brill: Costs 1500 gold. (Originally 5000 gold)


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