Changes (March 9th Reset)

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Postby NiteHawk » Mon Mar 09, 2020 5:59 am

-Custom discord bot re-connection function added. (Disabled the automated one). This should hopefully allow for better control if the bot disconnects. It will attempt to reconnect once a minute.
-Minor bug in the Account Manager fixed when clicking your ID to copy it.
-Added a PK no drop room in Alderra City.
-Minor Guild Hall/Gold Premium House updates:
--Guild Halls and Gold Premium Houses have also been updated to have a PK no drop room. This is the same room the training dummies are in now.
--Updated dummies in guild halls/gold premium houses.
--YOU MUST HOUSE UPDATE/GUILD HALL UPDATE at the Real Estate Office for this to update! (Make sure you click YES to save your custom descriptions/images/etc)

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