XP/Gold Booster Scroll Changes

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XP/Gold Booster Scroll Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:11 am


There was a lot of talk about how people feel that the current experience and gold boosters aren't optimal, so we're going to be making some changes to it. (For example, I pictured a 24 hour scroll being used throughout the day for about 2-3 hours of boost, not that you had to sit for 24 hours to use the whole thing!) The effected areas are: CM Shop/PP Shop/Referral Gifts/Premium Wheel Spins.

The quick changes:
-All scrolls only boost for an hour 'maximum' (can be less).
-Adjustment to price values or given multiple of the same scroll.
-Many now have slightly better scrolls for purchase/rewards.
-Removed some low value experience/gold scrolls.


CM Shop:
-10% Experience Boosters/5% Gold Boosters are now only 1 hour. They cost 2 CM per scroll now.
-15% Experience Boosters/7.5% Gold Boosters added. They cost 3 CM per scroll.
-Still locked to account.

PP Shop:
-Removed all old scrolls.
-Minor Level Booster - 1 Hour. 5% Experience Booster/2.5% Gold Booster. Costs 1PP.
-Level Booster - 1 Hour. 10% Experience Booster/5% Gold Booster. Costs 3PP.
-Strong Level Booster - 1 Hour. 15% Experience Booster/7.5% Gold Booster. Costs 5PP. (new)
-Can be sold/traded.

-Referral Gift (item): No longer give 24 hour scrolls. Instead give 2 experience and 2 gold boosters, plus a static gold amount per referral gift box.
-Rare Referral Gift (Item): No longer give 24 hour scrolls or extended scrolls. Instead give 4 experience boosters (one being very high), 4 gold boosters, and a static gold amount. Removed the lowest experience/gold scrolls (aka removed the 10% exp booster/5% gold booster, the minimum is now 15% exp booster/7.5% gold booster).
-Level 15: 1 Referral Gift given. Level 20: 2 Referral Gifts Given. Level 25: 3 Referral Gifts/1 Rare Referral Gift Given. (Lots of scrolls for you if you can get a friend to level 25!)
-Still locked to account.

Premium Wheel:
-No longer give anything beyond 1 hour for scrolls. For example, the 3 hour scrolls have been converted into three 1 hour scrolls.
-Lowest scrolls (At 15% XP/7.5% Gold) give 3x, Medium scrolls (t 30% XP/15% Gold) give 2x, and High scrolls (50% XP/25% Gold/Super/Extreme/Giga) still 1x (The high scrolls were already low timers anyways, extreme/giga only last 30m).
-Added a 'Super Level Booster' that is below an 'Extreme Level Booster' and lasts for an hour. (60% Experience/30% Gold).
-The lowest scrolls chances have been reduced so that there is a higher chance to get better scrolls (Lowest two scrolls was 27% each, now reduced to 23% each in order for some wiggle space on adding the new scroll/getting better scrolls more often).
-Scrolls no longer have any expire on them.
-Still locked to account.


OLD SCROLLS WILL NOT BE CONVERTED, (sorry). Either use them or hug them as legacy items if you can't bear using it. If I missed any areas with any 24 hour scrolls/etc please let me know. Thanks.

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