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Postby NiteHawk » Sat May 09, 2020 10:02 pm

-There is now a way to lock the window size (just the main window) so you don't accidentally resize it now. You can lock it after setting the window size that you want. It will stay locked until you remove the lock. It can be found in the options here:

-Changes to resizing.
--Resizing now remembers what panels are shown. This should allow those 'big ui interfaces' that have all panels visible work properly while resizing and will not require a restart/reapply.
--When resizing the client should be less laggy. (aka when sizing the window it was very laggy before, that should be removed now.)
--Some changes to how resizing works to prevent the window being locked or unlocked in an incorrect order. I'm hoping this here might fix those pesky crashes, but not sure yet...

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