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Postby NiteHawk » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:09 pm

Hey guys.

-Racial/Class Changes
--I know people might be worried about all the changes to stats... So here we go:
--Saurian/Drake lost an END, but because of the HP changes, their HP should stay somewhere near where it was. I didn't want to give them more HP as they are already powerful, and with the AGI changes, they don't need a HP boost at all. The only real loss was Dwarves, which lost an END point and gained armor. The HP was a bit too high for all the little effects the gained.
--Wisdom was lowered to balance out the MR as best as possible. I thought Wisdom scaled too high with the way it works now and it was harder to balance if it went up to 23. Though 21 is still 'higher' it does help out and I was able to figure out a decent MR scaling. The MR scaling starts off at 24% with 10 wisdom (around 1/4th HR) and scales to 64% with 20 wisdom. The maximum MR was lowered a little as it was probably too high. I attempted to make it similar to AGI but with a higher variance. Any racial or class bonus are now a static bonus and not a multiplied bonus too. We'll see how it works out but the MR rates should be alot better. I am thinking tweaking damage will be how we finalize this now. Druids should be OKAY in terms of morphing, though I did change the formulas a little too.
--Instead of druids losing MR in general, they only lose MR while morphed, more in cat form. This is however a multipled bonus. So if you had 64% MR, in cat form you'll have around 44.8% MR, and in bear form you will have 54.4% MR. With Ninjas having the MR bonus now, it puts them out in front for MR resistances against spell casters and Druids will struggle a bit more, which is generally what I wanted. We will see about giving Druids one or two little things too afterwards.
--Necromancers got a good amount of tweaks and one new spell. Blind doesn't reverse in your face anymore, poison on rot lasts alot longer which will prevent priests from spam healing, zombies have some better healing effects, Wither breaks MR a little as well (3-4% less MR) and their new slow spell is the opposite of what haste does. Remember, haste will counter slow and prevent it. Should be some nice changes though. Slow might need to be tweaked if it is too effective though.
--Alot of things were adjusted to be flat/static changes rather than multipled changes. For example, Ninjas gain 2 agi on dodging, which is around what they got before in percentage on the average, but it is far easier to explain to people that you gain '2 agi' rather then 7.5% more agi. Same for MR bonuses, though many races/classes lost it in favor for balancing or the new wisdom adjustments.
--Knights taunt effect needs testing, but NPCs attacking now have a double damage reduction effect. So for example with 22 charisma, you will tank around 15% in PVP, and 30% in PVE. Druids bear form now gets a small reduction in damage too, which is about 5% in PVP and 10% in PVE with 20 charisma. (Though at the moment I don't see people making tank druids just yet.)

-More amulets are in. All current amulets in game were converted to charged amulets. This means the amulets themselves are never lost. The price on them have been reduced a good amount as well, and charging them is fairly cheap. The amulets consist mainly of stat bonuses, but very minor boosts (0.1 or 0.2 stat point gain). There are some other unique ones, one that adjusts MR a little, one that boosts autosneak amount, and a new one I am testing, called a 'Amulet of Difficulty'. This amulet lowers your stats by 1 or 2 (depending on the amulet level) and grants you a XP/Gold bonus. This bonus stacks with any other XP/Gold bonus IG.

-Neutral divinity is also in. You will not benefit from any divinity bonuses that embers or items have, so be warned! Clerics or Paladins cannot be Neutral. Temples cost 20% more to heal you, and to change temples you require a small amount of gold, up to 100 gold at level 25.

-Damage per STR was adjusted. I took the abse 22 STR and adjusted it slightly. Every str point lower gained +2 damage, and over lost -2 damage. It is a very minor change. The bigger chance is to daggers, which lose -1 maximum. I know some people will not be thrilled about it, but through calculations with 24str and a humming dagger purple, that is radiant; they could hit for over 800 damage, and that is simply too high, specially with all the little items coming in. With the amulets coming in, and the adjustment a few patches ago where divinity weapon bonuses stack, there had to be a slight drop to the damage to start. Sorry gents.

-Dying has a logoff timer as a new test to prevent heavy zombie alting. Switching accounts to avoid this will be a bannable offense. I'm not sure yet what I can do to prevent it bar banning, but I'm sure I will figure out some sort of automation way to have some special checks to see if all captures work good. It will be added to the TOS shortly.

-Capture System is in!
--You can only capture zones at the moment. Cities will come soon. We are going to be testing this out first.
--You can capture 3 zones maximum.
--Once an zone is captured, it takes 8 hours for it to be capturable again.
--Officers and higher can disband zones with an item. You can only disband a zone if the Control Crystal is there (so you can't abuse the system or haunt a group by disbanding and capturing them constantly.)
--Zones you own will grant small gold bonuses to the guild vault as people level there. Cities will have longer capture times and tougher fights, but will grant bonuses such as special shops and will take a cut of most things done in the city, such as buying items, etc. In the future zones could potentially grant access to hidden areas too.
--Control Crystals will warn the guild when they have 30% HP or lower.
--I have no clue how this will work yet, there may be bugs. It is mostly scripted!

There is a bunch more I want to talk about, but it is pretty late here. Post if you got questions. Look at the dev log for full details.

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Re: Release

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:29 am

One thing I will say is that balancing can be a fine act. But if 100 was too much, and 50 was too little, then we know the balance should be around the middle of those two. We wouldn't figure it out for example if we haven't at least tried.

If things aren't the way they 'should' be we'll adjust it to attempt to balance things. Input is good 8)

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