Town Lore

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Town Lore

Postby Lavelia » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:51 pm

Lore for the towns. Good for role play purposes!

Ocean Crest – A small island town situated several miles off the shore of Ciruin. The closest part of the continent to the town is Seamoor. A small island, the residents live relatively relaxed lives and they welcome newcomers happily. The weather is mild year round, pleasantly warm with gentle rain showers during the summer months. Their main source of revenue comes from trading the unusual fruits that grow upon their island, and the fish they catch with their own efforts. Their goods find their way to Seamoor, at the closest point, and Alderra at the farthest point.

Seamoor – A port town that, at one time, began as just a few small settlers. Now it has grown into a small city over the many years thanks in part to the road that was developed to make trading goods much easier. The city is surrounded by a mix of forest and ocean, giving them a great deal of opportunities for trading goods. The friendly locals welcome most as they go about their day, crafting goods out of raw resources they grow, trade, or hunt.

Bityrn – Surrounded by forests, this city sports a beautiful garden that is tenderly cared for by the Druids that reside here. True nature lovers, the townsfolk tend to their forests with great care and consideration for the vast amount of wildlife that dwells within it. Hunters keep the animal population in balance, and feed the trade between Bityrn and the other cities around the kingdom.

Canopia – One of the prized cities of the Elves, the buildings are built around a great tree on the lowest level and as the city extends upwards the streets and buildings spread out to make the massive branches and thick vines their foundations. Most goods they use are gotten via trade and are processed into armor, weapons, clothing, and other things most in the kingdom find useful. They get the majority of their goods from Seamoor and Bityrn, but they also serve as a stop over place for traders heading further south into, and beyond, the wastelands.

Turenyara – A small mountain city, many of the residents are warriors that sell their services to traders and travelers as guides and bodyguards through the wilderness. They lead caravans down the path towards Bityrn or up into the mountains beyond their northern gate. It isn’t unusual to see Dwarven caravans entering or leaving the town, with at least one townsfolk in tow. For a set stipend from the Dwarves they offer the small stout folks safety outside of the walls, which serves to keep the town in gold. They do some trading with the city of Drelvar, as part of the stipend they receive for continued protection through the pass, as well as trading goods made out of refining the raw ores with Bityrn.

Linwood – A fallen city, taken over by mercenaries and bandits. The townsfolk that survived have scattered to other regions to try and settle and forget the nightmare they lived through. Few of those citizens speak of those days and the ones that do...are clearly scarred by the events. Once it was a beautiful city, though, surrounded by forest and fields of wildflowers that made honey their key product of trade.

Wiken – Once a large and beautiful city, it can hardly be called such now, though it does keep the designation of ‘city’, if only in the minds and hearts of the remaining residents. Those that remain within it’s confines love their town and manage to eke out an existence, using their small abilities to keep gold flowing into the town thanks to the alchemy shop, in most part.

Fort Huldar – Serving as a training center for troops, there are only a few areas open to the public at this time. They receive goods from the capital, Alderra, as well as from Wiken and Canopia City.

Alderra – The capital of the kingdom, it is a shining gem that sits as the great guard of the realm. Here the King and Queen reside over all things within the realm. Situated upon a trio of cliffs, reinforced with magic, it is truly a sprawling city. The citizens take pride in their city and all pitch in to keep it beautiful. Trade goods come in to the city from all around the realm, though they have a special trade agreement with Turenyara for services the citizens of the town have rendered during the restoration of the King’s Road. The Grand Cathedral is the seat of the Order of the Five Gods and a fair portion of the city’s population are those that serve in the military and serve the order faithfully. The port is gaining popularity as a potential new travel point to increase trade between the north and south but for now it is mostly used by fishermen.

Arkanmaw – A town gone mad. The by-product released from the refinery covers the town in a fine haze that, if one stays too long, affects the mind. The change is gradual and newcomers hardly notice the difference, but stay long enough and those affected become glaringly obvious. This town trades in all sorts of goods the citizens make, as well as refined mana that is used for potions and other magical items.

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Re: Town Lore

Postby Folder » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:29 pm

What about Drelvar? Dwarves need love too :D

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Re: Town Lore

Postby JadeFalcon » Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:23 am

Down with the dwarves! We want a Saurian city!

Also: It would be cool if on entering Arnkanmaw squares, you tripped a trap that cast a sort of really slow rot on you. Just to annoy.
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Re: Town Lore

Postby Inverno » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:03 am


After reading it, i suggest a river that connect Alderra to Fort Huldar. Should be a good way to send goods from capital to Fort and a new place to explore with our characters.

Another suggestion: write about the relations between races in Ciruin and their history.
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