Silver sword

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Silver sword

Postby Terron » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:31 am

Im proposing that refinery representative in the cultists lair gets a buff to a red npc and gets a shiny level 15 blue or purple sword drop.

Silver Sword:

Not much is known about the origin of such blades. Rumors suggest vast tales of heroes wielding silver blades against a tide of manbeasts. It is said that nethys (his/her)self brought upon these blades in secret to maintain a neutral balance to the world. Light as a feather and sharp as an executioner's axe, you can feel power radiating from the blade. Under the light of the moon you can feel that power grow.

blade can do +15% damage to "wolf" and 7.5% to undead.
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this game is like sim ant
zerg the red ants with more black ants

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