fevered thoughts on armour/weapons

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fevered thoughts on armour/weapons

Postby daedroth » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:01 am

not sure if something like this has been said, this is something i was thinking about in my flu induced fugue like state i will try to be coherent

i was thinking armour and weapons should have varying stamina regen speeds, heavier the weapon/armour the slower the regen
but armour would need to have more of an effect on damage blocking

weapons could have a special tied to their type:
dagger = quick and has a chance of critical hits that can bypass armour
claws = like dagger but a chance to cause bleeding
blunts = slow, more damage but ignore a degree of armour (or cause a stagger like effect)
axes = cause bleeding, maybe ignore some shield protection
ball and chain = ignore shield, slightly ignore armour
bows = critical hits like dagger
swords = + to defence
spears = +to attack, slight chance of critical
picks = slight chance of critical, slight penetration on armour
staff = slow +to def/att
2-handed weapon = similar to blunt, slow but can bypass armour to a degree

this if balanced properly could mean a bigger variation on equipped gear

ps. dont really care if people like or dislike this idea, things are ok as is, this is just an idea. right crawling off to die in a corner somewhere
Disclaimer: Any ideas I come up with may not even meet my approval. I am just posting an idea based on the topic I have just read.
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