Pot Luck Monster Bash!

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Pot Luck Monster Bash!

Postby Elvis » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:59 pm

Will be ran on Sunday Night 8pm Server time. If it does not work out I will reorganize it to work better.

This is going to be a pot luck monster bash. Monsters will be spawned on squares, and everyone will be spread out.

2k entrance fee per player.
No Class based items
No Unique items
No Pots/No Mana
NO TEAMS period - If I see you not attack a certain person "guildie, friend, or whatever I will DQ"
You also cannot assist anyone else. i.e- You cannot Stoneskin, or heal any other player. This is an all out mosh. IF I find someone doing it I will DQ you and give you a little time out from the event for a while.

1st and 2nd place will split the overall pot, as well as 5pp for 1st and 2nd each "Low pp due to the pot at end "

For this to work I will at least need 8-10 people each weekend. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to PM me via forums, or Telegram ingame.
Elvis! The one and Only KING! P.S - Remember that!

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