Mageblade leveling event - March 18th to March 25th! Win cool and unique prizes!

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Mageblade leveling event - March 18th to March 25th! Win cool and unique prizes!

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:03 am

A Mageblade must be trained!

This event requires you level a temporary class called a 'Mageblade' which will be selectable in the character creation screen. It will start Wednesday 18th and end at Wednesday 25th (one week). First lets talk about the 'Mageblade' class:

-Can be leveled at the 'World Event Center - Mageblade' in Seamoor City (near the docks/test dummy arena):
mbladeguild.png (190.66 KiB) Viewed 1183 times

-You can level as much experience on it once you hit level 24.
-Gains 4 attacks by level 16.
-Mageblades are weak in PVP. In PVE they deal double damage on monsters that have a rarity of 2 and lower. (Cannot be used with dragons/boss mobs/etc)
-Mageblade uses focus points (similar to cavaliers.) and can have up to 10 focus points stored. (This is not effected by anything and is a static 10 focus points for everyone!)
-You will gain 3% more damage for each focus point. This means with 10 focus points you will be dealing 30% more damage.
-You have the ability to use the NOVA spell. Nova spells are a finisher move based on agility and level. It uses all your focus points, and deal heavier burst damage the more focus points you have. !!!AGILITY HEAVILY AFFECTS THE DAMAGE!!! Remember, using this move will reset your focus points, thus resetting the regular damage bonus you gain each time!
-Has access to a self cure that ramps up until level 24. AGI BASED!
-Has access to /meditate. AGI BASED!
-Requires no gold to level.
-Granted special superior gear that is for Mageblades only and is better then any traditional in game item. (So use it!)
-You'll have to think what kind of race you want. Do you want high agility to get high damage using nova, or maybe you'll want high strength for overall damage.. Maybe a mix of both?


The winners will be who gain the most experience! The Mageblade characters and items will be reset/deleted after the event. HOWEVER, any experience you put into level the mageblade will become scroll of experiences, rounded down to the nearest 10 million. For example, if you level 423 million, you will gain 420mil worth of experience in scrolls to sell or use on your own characters! Nice!

On top of that, Mageblades will gain 20% more experience during leveling! This means that they will gain experience faster which means it is WORTH to level on a Mageblade just for the experience scrolls! Awesome!

Scrolls will have an expire time of two weeks. You will be able to use them on any character of your choosing, or trade them.


Now for the rules:
-Only one Mageblade character per person. You can delete your original if you feel it is not up to par, but if there is more than one Mageblade character at the end of the event, you will be disqualified.
-No transferring characters. Any transferred character is disqualified and will not be seen as valid. Characters MUST come from the original creators account!
-No helping others in terms of logging into characters that you do not own. Obviously it is against the rules to use someone elses account and can lead to ban as well. If anyone but yourself logs in your character to level it, you will be disqualified. (I will also ban you for this one, as you aren't supposed to be sharing accounts anymore anyways.)
-You can help others via characters that you own, for example, a guardian protecting a Mageblade is legit.
-Scrolls/Pets/Equippable items that grant experience or gold do not work on this class. They are disabled for them.
-Control Crystal EXP boosts also do not work on this class. The only boost you shall get is the 20% boost towards the class, that everyone gets!
-Any race is valid. Your stats are your choice.
-Any item left on the character will be DELETED once the event is over on the 25th at reset SHARP.
-Additional rules may appear here until the event starts.


All: Scroll of experiences up to the experience you gained, which can be used for other characters or for selling.

1st Place: 30 days gold premium, !!5% Evil Ember!!, 1 Chance Ring, 1 Champion Weapon that is 'mysteriously' enchanted and humming in perfect harmony.
2nd Place/3rd place: 30 days silver premium (Or 15d gold), 4% Evil Ember, 1 Chance Ring, 1 Champion Wepaon that is 'radiantly' enchanted and humming in perfect harmony.
Top 10%: 1 Chance Ring, 5% Divinity Ember
Top 50%: 4% Divinity Ember

BONUS: On top of this, if you level at least 100 million regardless of your ranking, you will gain a +1 slot knapsack that unlocks one inventory slot! (This item will be released to everyone once crafting comes out, but you'll have access ahead of time to one an extra inventory slot on one character!)


How to access the temporary class:
NOTE: The class will unlock on Wednesday's reset.

1. Click CREATE on the character creation screen.
2. Pick any standard class (The Mageclass class is not available here, you just select any class to bypass this part.)
3. Pick the race you want.
4. On this screen, the dropdown box WILL have the Mageblade class. Select it here and proceed as normal! See image below:
mblade.png (85.97 KiB) Viewed 1185 times

Hope you enjoy it! Remember, even if you aren't aiming for the top, it may still be worth doing because of the experience scrolls and other bonuses you will gain!

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Mageblade event over at reset!

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:47 am

*System Broadcast from NiteHawk: Megablade event ending at reset folks. Just to note: The server will be down for a little longer while I get all the data. You WILL get all your scrolls instantly, and they will be on your mageblade character. The mageblade character will be reset/etc. THE REST OF THE PRIZES WILL COME SOMETIME THIS WEEK. DO NOT DELETE YOUR MAGEBLADE CHARACTER UNTIL YOU GET THE PRIZES!

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Re: Mageblade leveling event - March 18th to March 25th! Win cool and unique prizes!

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:26 pm

The results are in:

First Place; HiImCat --- 3083005754
Seocnd Place; Harden --- 2430192343
Third Place; Megablade --- 2100008406

Top 10%

Mageblade --- 1378776401
Zauh --- 1220514816
Fjol --- 1182748728
Jaina --- 1001025999
MichaelVicki --- 960110735
CatNuts --- 934018088

Top 50%
Tinnie --- 900186247
Squire --- 754200878
Ida --- 620601259
Hatchet --- 620220913
FloGrown --- 605502979
Jafazian --- 592564023
Blademage --- 530242814
WINDOWS_XP --- 510250729
Mutant --- 505953729
Rageblade --- 502939103
Powder --- 478090231
Tyche --- 460402497
Elora --- 430524079
GenericNameHere --- 409479213
Zorro --- 404907102
Wizardsword --- 373537435
Eddard --- 360103992
BeepBeepImAJeep --- 357479721
Wetfart --- 351572814
Quarantine --- 312989962
DeathNight --- 290565705
Popsiclez --- 280329697
Junkie --- 269637220

DirkDiggler --- 250511127
Mia --- 234520999
RoninBlade --- 230336427
Daveyboy --- 230187461
Withen --- 226737299
Gil --- 208547461
Drain --- 197096122
Kerowyn --- 189375871
Malaise --- 177211911
Dr_Tickles --- 161410462
Vessel --- 147034604
Gundan --- 141391697
Lokie --- 136136571
Storebought --- 133664666
Zehlut --- 117881180
Sigil --- 111066274
Magerush --- 100039417
ReptilianOverlord --- 86935706
NovaBear --- 25446663
Layabout --- 25300000
Ousmane --- 23220266
Vishonden --- 21993270
LimitedEdition --- 21446857
Mammoth --- 21238278
Kristoph --- 20761252
Malakia --- 14835796
Nerm --- 13209153
Silvershade --- 12142198

Congrats to everyone who participated! If you have more then 100mil, you will receive a magical sack as well to equip! Enjoy everyone!


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