Update Details #1 - Guild Houses/Combat Modifications & Mana/Armor Changes/CM

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Update Details #1 - Guild Houses/Combat Modifications & Mana/Armor Changes/CM

Postby NiteHawk » Thu May 24, 2018 10:45 am

I'm still working on getting things out. Unfortunately the list got a little longer due to some changes in order to try to improve the quality of the community (swear filters, global chat, etc), but it's progressing. Here are some things being worked on right now:

Guild Halls
The guild halls are a pretty big thing I'm working on, and it's a bit more than I anticipated, but it's finally close to being complete. Guild halls have a simple system for now and have 8 levels of 'upgrades'. You'll start off with a simple 3 room guild hall, no storage, nothing interesting but a temple and a tavern, and then will progress into something similar to this:

guildhoues.png (25.08 KiB) Viewed 1160 times

The total space of vault room is 250 items per guild at max guild hall level. Each guild vault can be locked to specific ranks for depositing and withdrawing. There are other basic things such as a combat room, academia, store (for basic goods like soulbinding, etc) and other small bonuses. We might release more 'levels' as we see fit, but this is where it is going to be on release. The price per upgrade is unknown just yet, but I'll try to reveal it soon. It will be the first fairly large investment you'll have to do as a group.

Each room is customizable to whatever you want it to be: Image, description, title, and even minimap icons can be adjusted. This is also the same for premium houses too.


Combat Modification
There will be some combat changes as we continue forward too. We shall be decreasing the combat timer and some other timers by about 20-25%. This means exhaustion timer will be around 6 seconds instead of 8 seconds. Ticks will be 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds. Drinking potions/etc will be apart of this too. This means combat will be a tad quicker and a bit more interesting.

Mana pools and mana will be adjusted too so it's more useful. Currently mana pools mean absolutely nothing in game because you can simply drink a potion and be full of mana. So someone having 600mana and someone having 200mana doesn't make so much of a difference in actual combat. We are going to be adjusting how mana, drinks, and the mana pools. Nothing is set in stone yet, but:
-Dropping mana pools. I think some classes can get something like 700-800 MP. It's a tad high. I can understand some classes that rely on MP, specially in events, but we'll look into it more as the update comes along (I.E. Dropping mana pools, dropping the MP per attack spell, but leaving other spells the same, for example.)
-Dropping mana potions amount. Right now, many MP potions gave you a few rounds of MP per drink. It makes mana pools worthless.
-Increasing mana drinks a large amount, similar to food for HP. This means out of combat you can heal MP with one item instead of two generally. (NOTE: Remember -- since ticks per seconds are now lower too, time to use food/drinks will also be faster!)

That is the 'gist' of it. I don't feel like MP is of any use when someone can endlessly top up their MP every 2-4 rounds AND still have time to use HP potions constantly. We'll have to find some happy ground for it.

We'll also be looking into spells and tweaking them as well. MR has been slightly adjusted again and I want to focus on balance next update before we continue on.


Making shiny items more useful (Mainly armor)
This was a hot topic on deputing what 'blue/purple' items should be and the value of them compared to easy to get items such as white/green items. Two things I agree with armor rarity:
-Blue and especially purple ARMOR items aren't such a 'big difference'. Each value of armor gives too little, thus there is very little difference.
-The difference should not be EXTREME however, to the point where people who can't get larger groups all the time suffer largely because of it.

A problem we face also is that the armor values are so low that we can't give armor a boost with lower class armor (cloth/helmets/shields in particular have very low numbers.) The solution for this will be to boost the armor values by double. So if you had 50 armor, you'll have 100 armor now. This does not mean the FORMULA changes, it only gives us more room to add armors without having to add decimal points. The actual absorb/deflect formula should stay closely similar.

This is what is going to happen with armor:
-Humming is being doubled.
-Armor values are being doubled (or slightly more), the formula is closely the same.
-Enchantment is staying the same. (Hence why some armors may get slightly more then double.) This means that enchanting will serve a purpose when you want to keep and use the item (I.E. get the MOST out of the item), but has less impact so that new players will struggle less as it can be costly for them to purchase scrolls.
-There will be a slightly larger gap from green to purple. Not enough to make greens worthless, but enough to want to get blue/purple items more.

The way I look at it, blue items are where most players will be at once they run level 25s. Purple items are more rare but are a 'goal' for you to achieve for all your characters.

Weapons are fairly OK as it is, though we might make some small tweaks to the system to keep it more interesting. The biggest issue though is armors and not weapons though.


Champion Marks
Champion marks are literally PVE versions of PP, but are obtainable via quests. They will be similar to how PP work, and will be stored as a point value rather than items now. They will be similar to how other games do 'Daily Quests' and will give out unique armor and PVE account based weapons (aka weapons you can use on any of your characters). You can also gain PP with enough champion marks too. The system will reward players who login everyday and run the quests as many daily quest systems do. Expect there to be three levels of daily quests, 'easy', 'hard', and 'OAD'. Easy and hard can be complete by yourself or in a group, which doesn't take a long time, and 'OAD' will involve typically one a day bosses/etc or completions during that day. The champion marks will ramp up based on the quest you do.


There is a lot more to say, but I'll we'll make another 'what's coming' post soon. Thanks guys!

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