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Postby NiteHawk » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:57 am

Some people seem to think 'someone is spying on us' in this game, coming up with some strange ideas like asking if there is a way that another player can get guild chat that they don't belong in. (The answer is no.) Let's clarify some things.

1. The only way 'spying' would be legit would be if they are actually using their main account and relaying information as a friend. Obviously more than ONE account is against TOS and I check this quite often. I'm pretty sure some of you saw the warning message you get when you attempt to use more than one account. And surprise, I get that notification too. Nothing is 100% however but based on how people work, they always screw up in time and it's revealed pretty quickly if they are doing something like this.

2. I trust my current staff members to report anything like that if they 'knew' about it. I get information from them when there is trouble all the time, from all sides.

3. When it comes to staff members, all staffs actions are recorded in game (though at this point half of them don't even have staffers in game.)

4. Again, I would never leave some sort of loophole where other people can get your discord guild chat without being there. To even assume this is really really goofy. (Why would I have a huge loophole like that, ugh.)


You all need to realize when you get jumped it doesn't mean you have a spy though. It could be, but it probably isn't the case. What can you do to avoid this? Here are just a 'few' things.

1. Avoid using the same characters in the same locations all the time. If Mike, Bob, and John always login at the Kraken area, then logically it's going to be very obvious that those are the characters are doing something at Kraken.

2. At the same time, running to a location in a large group makes it fairly easy to know you're running something too. If even one person sees you, then assume that they might know and prepare for it. USE A CHANTER AND FADE YOURSELVES. USE A GUARDIAN AND TRUE SIGHT YOURSELVES TO WATCH FOR SNEAKING CHARACTERS.

3. Make sure to use /togglewho before logging in the character. It's not a sure prevention of tracking but it does make it harder and less noticable.

4. If your going to mass recruit, you should probably have some sort of screening. Microphones and webcams are commonplace now. If you're not going to change your recruitment style and you're not going to screen because it's a hassle, then I don't know what you can do about safety when you bring in every person. Obviously for most guilds, I wouldn't even say screening would be a needed thing, but if you're recruiting heavily then it might be a good idea to at least talk to them somehow out of game (and do so with multiple people around, it helps weed out known people.)


Honestly though there's still potential issues that are just not trackable in any way, for example, Bob joins guild A, then relays messages to Mike, who is in guild B. I know if my staffers noticed this they would let me know, so I don't really think this is the case (would be obvious when one person is doing it over and over really.). It's not exactly legal, but I don't know who in their right might would do this for a small amount of OADs that aren't instances yet just to jump you 'every now and then'. Makes no sense.

Again, I really don't think spying is the issue here though. It's an easy blame. I think our world is still too small though, it's easy to get information (for example on dragons you go and check who's there and swap to players that can deal with who is there.) and there are very little areas you 'could be in' if you are running a group and someone notices right now. We're working to instance and make the world bigger/harder to track, but it's a slow process.


However, to try to prevent 'tracking', I've swapped /who to be account nicknames instead, listed here with the new nickname page command: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=2841 . We'll try this out first. It should be harder to track, specially if you forget to use /togglewho.

/Togglewho has also been increased to 90 minutes but this won't apply until Thursday, aka tomorrow.

This change will be in starting at reset. It's not really going to stop tracking on the smarter people who keep tabs on your characters, but it should slow people down.


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