Ember Halloween 2020

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Ember Halloween 2020

Postby Lateralus » Fri Oct 23, 2020 6:57 pm

Halloween Event!

We have made some interesting additions to our Halloween event which will run for 10 days this year! (10/24 through 11/02). Below is a little sneak peek of the additions as well as a summary of the events/features.

The New Stuff

We have introduced a few new monsters to the Forest of Nox and rumor has it they may even be tamable...  We have also added about 15 new items that you can find (mostly) inside pumpkins dropped by monsters on the Lake of Nox (remember to bring your potato cannon!). These items range from the powerful Spectral Ring to the mysterious and mind-altering Noxshroom!

Summary of Events

All the Halloween events take place in the Forest of Nox. The Forest of Nox can be found just east of Seamoor City, along the River Road and up above The Wooden Bridge. (jump in)

Daily quests are the main focus. These are additional casual, vet, and hardcore quests that are Halloween themed and can be found in the Halloween area! Each daily quest completed will earn you a Halloween token. Once you have 21 tokens you can trade-in for a purple set item of your choice! Everyone should have a chance to get something nice!

There is also a daily boss called the Boogyman who can be found in the middle of the forest up above the Lake of Nox. This boss will alert everyone on discord when he spawns, so be prepared! This boss is PVE so everyone is encouraged to work together against the boss and share his great loot!

Lastly, there are mini-bosses which usually spawn hourly. They are spread throughout the Forest of Nox. 

As you can see the Halloween event should be lots of fun. If you guys have any questions, reach out on discord. Happy Halloween Hunting!

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