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Postby NiteHawk » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:54 am

Script/Game Changes
-Heal decay is now based on the person you are healing, not the person casting. This means if you have multiple healers, the person you are healing will decay fast.
-Tracking requires one stamina for full listing. It does not take any stamina once you know who you want to track.
-Cure/Heal values slightly decreased by 10-15 points of healing.
-Debuff/Buff messages are now a different color to be very visible. If I missed any or have colors swapped let me know. This applies only to self message for buffs and should apply to any debuff for everyone.

-Arcane Archer (NEW CLASS - Base name: 'Archer')
--5 attacks.
--Bow itself gives additional AC. It is however not deflect AC, only absorb AC.
--Elemental shots
---Bindshot: Bind the player to the ground for 2 rounds if you successfully hit. 75% of your normal damage unless you are lightning divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
---Sapshot: Sap all stats slightly if you successfully hit. Based on intelligence. 75% of your normal damage unless you are night divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
---Slowshot: Slow your enemy if you successfully hit. Based on intelligence. 75% of your normal damage unless you are water divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
---Drainshot: Drain MP from your enemy. Based on intelligence. Hitting an NPC with this will negate the cost of MP to use this currently as NPCs have no mana (may be changed). 75% of your normal damage unless you are earth divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
---Hailshot. Hit everyone in the room. A physical 'barrage'. Works better than barrage with less targets, and worse with many targets by a small amount. If you are fire divinity, you gain an additional 5% damage.
--Rapid shot: Uses all your stamina to rapid fire shots. Starts at 90% damage and each successful hit boosts your damage by 16.67%. If you hit 4-5 attacks, you will deal some nice damage! Based soley on strength and weapon!
--Pierceshot: Works on heavy armor targets. !Based on intelligence for how much armor is removed, and based on strength/weapon for the damage on top of this! You can strip a large portion of active absorb/deflect changes. On top of that, you will deal more damage if they have heavy armor. Is highly useless with no armor/moderate armor targets. (NPCS that have more then 300 armor will be based on a maximum of 300 armor).

--Action Points bar shouldn't drop so fast anymore.
--Shield bash no longer hits back and forth if two knights are attacking each other.

--Damage modifier slightly raised

--/protect only works if the person you wish to protect is in your party now.

--Favored Enemy Skills added. You can add them in any ranger guild when you hit the required levels. This adds a bonus to a certain type of race for both PVE and PVP reasons.
--Can autosneak, their pet will autosneak with them. If they are in autosneak mode, pets will only focus attack with you.
--Rangers gain +25 autosneak step bonus.
--Up to 5 pets maximum now.
--You cannot mass heal your pets in combat now.
--Mass healing does not split your heal, instead each pet gains the same amount of heal, thus should be alot quicker.
--Heal amount boosted out of combat.
--Pet calling out of combat requires no stamina. Pet calling in combat requires 1 stamina. Pets who have been knocked out require all your stamina to bring back to life (and still risk getting killed again).

--Bear gains a little more endurance.
--Haste works again! (As stated above)

--Stoneskin spell armor gain is 2.0x instead of 2.5x.
--Shield spell added. This gives you a magical shield that gives you deflect ac, a small amount of magic resistance/magical damage negation, and makes you immune to wither. (Deflect AC is also better then Absorb AC per point!). Self only spell.
--Imp/Watcher/Golem require double mana to cast. Watchers has been changed to 20mp out of combat.
--Imp/Golem require all your stamina to cast in combat.

--Zombie healing should work properly when attempting to heal you per attack (long as they have full HP.) You still gain HP for them killing however regardless.
---Imp/Undead (zombie) require double mana and all your stamina to cast if in combat.
---It is now alot easier to heal out of combat with leech on your zombie pets.

--HP per tick is set to 1 again.

--Base armor of 20.
--Physical damage taken reduction of 9%. (This stacks with the base armor bonus too, but base armor has active absorbing too.)
--+1 Int.

--MR loss of 4.5% was removed. This makes them the highest MR race now.
--RACE NAME CHANGED TO PRIMORDIAL! Elemental didn't make much sense and I didn't want to add divinity modifications to a niche race.

--Can add two bonus points to their stats. First one costs +2 points, second one costs +5 points.

--HP per tick is 4 again.

--Exhaust timer is now 5.85s (0.15s less). It shouldn't be much of a change, but should always allow lings to be in front for attacking. May be adjusted depending on how it works.

-+1 Str/+1 Int/+1 Stat point.

-Basic affix system added. (This is not in game just yet but will be possible soon!)
-Alliance system added but not activated. I will talk about this system in the near future before we actually release it.
-Friend system added. You can now add/remove friends and see when they come online/click to chat/etc) in the friends window. (CTRL+F or open it in the ALT key menu)
-PM mode added. You can set private messages mode to only take messages from guild/friends, friends, or all. Default is all.
-NPCs can autosneak now.
-Event items added. Event items can delete on login, logoff, give, drop, etc. (Configurable)
-Multiple script functions added.
-Shortcuts added for skills & spells. (For example faeriefire could become ff.) This is configured server side.)
-Fixed despawn timer not despawning after the NPC dies. (Thus showing the 'despawn message'.
-Any boss NPC exhaust timer now continues even if the player is not in the room. This is only for orange mobs and higher.
-Autosneak delay for NPCs to attack is alot shorter, which is still good for traveling, but not combat. (Aka you won't get 2+ seconds or so to prepare an attack.)
-Extra bonus values added (I.E DropBonusRate, BonusHPPerTick, etc)
-Notoriety/Punishment system added. Notoriety is based on how many players you kill (Up to 10 max) and Punishment occurs when you die with Notoriety. (Will explain this in another post.)
-Punishment system will make cost to heal higher, and you will take more damage to div/lose your div bonus. Neutral will suffer from all.
-You can repent at your temple to remove punishment.
-XP system adjusted. XP loss is back (You can lose 1% of your total XP now.) 25ers can lose XP based on Notoriety. More details here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2613&p=18536#p18536
-You can now tell who are aggressors and who are defenders through look over. (aka PKers)
-Premium membership items are now checked on your first login on any character, and it will display expiring items under 7 days on ANY character or your main vault (not houses at the moment.) The premium items are now reset to 40days instead of 32 days as well to give you a little more time.
-Certain functions will preform after login on a separate thread instead of login to speed the process up slightly. (Checking vault items for expired items for example.)
-Added some handling if you login more than one account (as you shouldn't be anymore!)
-Made some changes to the quest system to make it flow better during certain quests that have scripts attached to them.
-Fixed any spell that adds/removes exhaustion. Haste/Slow/Etc should work now (Sorry Druids, you been lacking haste for awhile, but should be good again!)
-VIP Mode added. This allows us to stop connections to the server in case we need to test something really quick before releasing to the public.
-PvP timer increased to 60 seconds.
-You cannot temple heal while you have a PvP timer.
-Premium house kitchen room now can have any item instead of just potions/food. (This was added awhile ago but restating it.)
-When the whole party autosneaks, the leader will now see who is autosneaking as well. (Aka if a whole party is autosneaking you'll notice it instantly.) It already worked, but might of felt like it wasn't working to the leader because he would see everyone each movement.
-Fixed another vault item expire bug where you could manipulate the expire time when depositing items of different expire time.
-NPCs will no longer randomly vanish when you enter the square one away from where they spawned.
-Party NPCs will stop attacking after a minute of inactivity. Certain things like moving, attacking, using items, etc will make you 'active'. However doing so through auto means would be considered botting now. (Sorry folks, but taking for 5 hours on a square generating XP and gold isn't very good for the game.)

-New character images added for you to use!
-Many more 'food' item images added.
-Fixed a bug when you set your AFK mode and disconnect, causing an error.
-Exhaust timer will now display your current exhaust timer if it is different from the default 6s.
-By clicking the stat button a second time, you will get additional info/bonuses that your race/class might have (If I miss anything or if anything should be in there that helps define the race/class non-typical stats, let me know!)
-Added a question mark (?) for spells/skills/race/class information that you can click. It will bring up a small window that explains what the spell/skill will do. (Looking for a writer to help improve it though!)
-The macro editor window now has the proper icons displayed again.
-The chat window will now clear properly. Currently it is clearing the main window instead of other windows whenever the other chat windows like guild/local/etc hit the buffer max.
-Certain text colors have been adjusted.
-Several small client issues fixed.

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