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Postby NiteHawk » Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:32 am

-Resolved the expire timer bug. It was actually a display bug but all your keys/etc should have proper timers on them now. (I.E. 47 hours was displaying as 23 hours, it wasn't adding the extra days past 24 hours, thus you might be inclined to take the newer key instead of a key that is actually going to expire soon etc!)
-Hopefully fixed spell/skill bugs that caused issues such as the bard 'poison' bug and other status bonus bugs. This is at the expense of CPU cycles, but is most likely needed to resolve the issue. (Synclocking)
-NPCs should no longer 'spam attack' players. This is a rare bug that can occur because the exhaust timer is set low due to players entering/leaving and the next NPC attack being faster then what the server can deal with (thus making it fire the attack several times, I.E. 1millisecond to next attack.).
-NPCs should no longer despawn 'vanish' back to their default squares if a player if in the room under any circumstance now. This is different from the vanish timer that OAD npcs have. (Aka this resets npcs to original spots after 10 minutes generally.)

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