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Postby NiteHawk » Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:32 am

--Keep an eye on your HP/etc make sure it is raising passively properly.
--Make sure mobs spawn properly, including hourly/oad/etc.
--Anything time based, keep an eye on it!
--There may be lag we might have to address, I will try to do so ASAP.
--The game should no longer (hopefully) crash or give script errors, as we are running on a single thread queue system instead of a multithread system. There was no point to multithread as the threads couldn't talk to each other without heavy sync modifications that was just as slow.

--All weapons work genreally the same with some slight modifications to min/max, but the average is the same. (I.E. a lvl 25 blue brill staff is similar to a lvl 25 blue brill hammer in terms of average).
--If a weapon has a lower min/max, it will also reflect on your spell. If a weapon has the same min/max, you will notice the same spell amounts every turn. So both min/max matter!
--It also effects healing spells, buffs, and debuffs.
--Having a item that is better than a level 25 blue brill will give you a slightly more damage/heal/etc compared to current game spell damage. This means you can achieve a little more now!
--May have to adjust the variance for lower levels but it seems OK at the moment. (I.E. instead of 50 damage to 150 damage, it might have to become 75 damage to 150 damage to negate for some loss at lower levels.)
--Does not effect song/morph or skills. Morph is already as it should be for stats and song already uses the instrument for power with charisma.

-Script Changes
--Dragon items should display properly on lookover/etc and will display the message to all in room.
--Created a room type that can prevent stealing or allow it.
--Player traps no longer trigger on staff.
--Poison/Burn when stacked will properly continue to stop HP gain even if one is removed. Both must be removed for HP to start raising again.
--Ignite/Frost MP reduced to 8.


-Neutral now properly has a bonus on itself now. Before hand the bonus was being removed, becaues they're neutral and all divinity bonuses were removed (oops!). You should see 10% more damage with neutral vs neutral now. We may adjust it however in the future.

--Undead spell changes. Necromancers can now spawn two zombies. Some stats were changed but generally they are overall better in their group.
--Undead MP reduced to 12.
--When you or your zombie kill a target, you will absorb 10% HP of the player tha died. You must be in the room with the zombie to gain the HP however.
--Bone armor now gives a little bit of HP to the target through an endurance boost. This may be adjusted.
--Leech is no longer the main damage spell. It is instead a 1:1 low damage healing spell. You will want to start using ROT now for main damage, and leech for healing self.
--Rot damage has been upped and is the heaviest damage spell in game now, taking the place of leech.
--Rot MP reduced to 6.
--Leech MP reduced to 5.
--Blind MP reduced to 12.
--Bone armor MP reduced to 15.
--Sap MP reduced to 15.
--Slow MP reduced to 15.
--Wither MP reduced to 10

--Barrage should perform a little better now, specially with larger parties.
--Blast MP reduced to 5.
--Fade MP reduced to 15.
--Golem MP reduced to 25.
--Power MP reduced to 15.
--Stoneskin MP reduced to 15.
--Watchers temporarily disabled.

-Druids & Clerics
-Ray MP reduced to 4.
-Remedy HP reduced to 8.

--You should no longer get action points on bash.
--Bonus Attack AGI has been removed as they probably don't need it anymore and it makes them a bit powerful.

-Faeriefire MP reduced to 15.
-Haste MP reduced to 20.

--Rangers no longer lose their pet on reallocation. Instead, they cannot summon the pet until they are at least the caught pet level or higher.
--Pet protect should adjust on already spawned monsters if their AGI goes up during combat for some reason (i.e. modifiers).
--Blitz has slightly lower damage and their bonus attack doesn't have a easier chance to hit. It is the same as a regular attack in terms of AGI vs AGI.

-Assassins & Theives
--Assassins/Theives are back to their delay being after attacking. However, moving back and forth will still no longer reset you. It is a set time of 0.5s regardless of how many players are in the room. (The time is not set in stone yet.)
--Being searched out in PVP results in a 'unable to rehide timer' based on the amount of players in the room. (This was always a thing, just a higher slightly higher timer now. Minimum is one second.). This still does NOT occur in PVE.
--Assassins/Thieves spell damage taken adjusted. Thieves went from 7.5% to 0% (no penalty) and assassins went from 15% to 5%. (We may remove it entirely but starting smaller first).
(I just want to point out that this shouldn't effect PVE aspects so much. NPCs don't have a 'attack of opportunity' like players will be doing via spamming, instead they attacking on their timers and when the attack is ready, they search & attack at the same time.. Which means just because you are visible, doesn't mean they will suddenly attack.)

--/protect requires you change targets or type /protect to remove protection to prevent accidental 'protect removals'.
--Paladins now have true sight on self. When sight is casted on self, it will allow them to see autosneaking players via messages. (Does not show in the player list or already hidden however.)
--Aegis MP reduced to 15.

--Goblins spell damage negation modifier has been decreased to 7.5%.


-Premium Changes
--Houses kitchen/food place now accept all items instead of just food/potions. This gives 50 more slots for bronze and 100 more slots for silver/premium.
--/recall no longer removes premium pets. Instead you must use /recallall to remove all (or disband).

-Server/Client Changes
--You should be able to see all debuffs again (Accidentally had the wrong ID. Let me know if there is still a problem.)
--Action points are set properly when you level up and displayed properly.
--Bonuses XP/Gold to classes set properly if it is enabled on a certain class on character creation.
--Setting no guild vs guild mode on a a character should add the cooldown timer properly now preventing toggling for a day.
--Expired items on the ground will now be wiped and check on player entry every 10 minutes. (It doesn't check every time a player -enters for lag reasons.) This is done before the player enters the room.
--Change/Expire times should now function properly when you add/remove them in a vault. Should finally be zapped now.
--You can now see the average price of the item being sold. This doesn't display prices that individual stores may raise/lower the price for, only the global price it's set too.
--Fixed a couple errors with 'knapsacks'. We will be hopefully releasing these soon.
--Bonus MP from items no longer give MP to classes that have '0' MP to begin with.
--Boosts will display properly and will display any boost you have. Items, server boosts, scrolls, etc.
--NPCSpeak in script functions works properly now.
--Transferring characters will now delete quests off the character properly, which include account bound quests that are locked to said character.
--Correctly displayed the amount of gold per telegram in certain cases. (20 gold, not 10!)
--When transferring characters, it will now warn what items will be deleted in a listing if there is any, such as account bound items.
--Going into suspend mode or sleep mode will now properly break the EO connection so that when you turn back on your PC/Laptop, you can reconnect without fail or freeze issues.
--Fixed an error when clicking to examine items in shops that didn't allow the item to be examined.
--Updated the client to support the changes with timers and warning messages.
--Added 3 new slots for classes and races. They aren't available yet, but it allows me to add them in the future when we go that route.

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Re: Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:36 am

NOTE: You all got one day extra of premium if you had premium. For the downtime and also for any future downtime that might = a couple hours more, thanks.

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Re: Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:11 pm

-Watches are temporary disabled.
-Rangers blitz attack has been slightly lowered and the attack opportunity isn't easier for them to hit, it's same rate as a regular attack now as well.

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Re: Changes

Postby NiteHawk » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:42 pm

Apparently the MR changes didn't actually go in, and I haven't readded it yet. Removed it from the list for now.

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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:47 am

-MP should be correct again. Let me know if it is not.
-Attempting to monitor the lockup bug. Sorry guys, I'll try to get it zapped asap!

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