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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Jun 29, 2019 4:54 am

-Fix to logging off not being locked with the main thread (which can cause issues when you are trying to do certain things like /g).
-Adjusted the main thread to ensure the queue it is on is not null (blank) which could cause an endless loop. This should hopefully fix the server lock we had today.
-You cannot log off with a PVP timer anymore. It is either the default minimum 20s in a unsafe area or your current PVP timer (any location) when logging off.
-Fixed an issue with ranger pet attacking not focusing sometimes.
-Rangers pets should no longer attack while autosneaking in any case unless you attack a target first.
-If you AND your pet are faded, your summon/pet will no longer attack. This applies to all npcs that are summoned/called out such as golems/zombies/ranger pets/etc. (This will check your summon/pet AND the owner of the summon/pet. As long as both are faded, the NPC will go to sleep. When you attack, the NPC will attack again.)
-Fixed bonuses with zones. They should give you the proper bonuses again.

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