Build Change Log - 9-27-18

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Build Change Log - 9-27-18

Postby Lateralus » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:22 am


Eagle Northcutt will have a slightly larger damage range

Added leather scraps to npcs inside blackspawn hideout

Burglars much like player rogues now have a slight weakness to spell damage

Worn pouches now have a small chance at holding golden keys and leather scraps

Thanatos has a bit more HP as well as a slightly higher reg attack damage.

Murderous spirits just got a bit more murderous so kill them before they kill you.


Fixed typo on expansion chest description

Added mana pots (moonshine scroll) in Alderra

Chocolate herb brownie now correctly restores mana over time (was restoring health)

Added descriptions to copper rings (looks like they were overwritten at some point)

Blue arcane crystals now correctly has a green name

Added crit damage to skull encrusted broadsword as well as narrowing min and max damages (same average damage).

Fixed typos in blackspawn woods

Fixed north trail typos

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