Build Change/Fix Log - 6-5-19

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Build Change/Fix Log - 6-5-19

Postby Lateralus » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:16 am

Oad Tweaks

Youll need to kill 1 key boss to get to the other key boss (no more deadlocks). Youll just need 1 key to get to General however once entering general it closes behind you (no more getting jumped in there but youll also only have 1 try at the boss). Added some npcs to make hit and run less useful in there messed with drops a bit to be more useful (we dont need 1 million blue instruments).

Youll need to defeat 1 pillar and get the key to enter the next pillar (should reduce/remove deadlocks). Pillar keys also now expire 12 hours after getting.

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