Profession Adjustments -- 4/13/2021

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Profession Adjustments -- 4/13/2021

Postby Aieron » Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:07 pm

- The quest to learn Inscription requires fewer materials and now rewards the materials like the other profession quests.
- A number of recipes had their common mat numbers adjusted to fix inconsistencies. You'll notice some numbers have been lowered while others have been increased, but the time to craft each item will be unchanged. Materials follow a 60:30:10 ratio when they are gathered, and a number of recipes were using inaccurate numbers. It led to an excess or bottleneck of the common material. Basically, because you need 17 uncommon for crafting a Golden piece of gear, you'll get roughly 35 common in that period instead of 40 common.
- A number of uncommon and rare mats were adjusted. The numbers required per craft are unchanged, but the number required amongst a tier was adjusted. For instance, you could run into a bottleneck of always being low on Jade or an excess of Amethyst when crafting in a single tier.
- The salvage recipes from Jewelcrafting are now 50% cheaper to craft.
- Orishium Salvage rewards a stack of 10 items instead of 5.
- Jewelcrafting lvl25 purple crafts had their mats increased slightly, but the above changes should still make crafting them easier.

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