Ruined Watchtower and new paths Nov 14 2021

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Ruined Watchtower and new paths Nov 14 2021

Postby Kruell » Sun Nov 14, 2021 4:15 am

The Ruined Watchtower has undergone some changes as previously blocked off pathways have opened up. There are some tricks to the tower that must be discovered as well as some hidden gems. Navigating the tower though will be a very interesting experience. The basement has not been removed but instead a different stairway will take you down. As a hint, sometimes you must go up to get down. Also be careful not to fall through the floor. The future of the tower is still unknown but there are more secrets yet to be unveiled.

The roadway to the tower has changed slightly. This is another change that will allow us to open new pathways and expand upon the world. Soon there will be alternate paths to some destinations as well as some new areas to explore.
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