Captain Butcher tweaks

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Captain Butcher tweaks

Postby Kruell » Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:23 am

Captain Butcher will be the first instance where we will remove your minimap each time you enter. This will be used in instances where the map changes. We have the ability to use random generation in the map so this will ensure any map ghosts do not cause problems.

There are some changes to the minibosses and puzzle order. A few rooms have been altered to allow restricted or added abilities. There are a few rooms you can now eat/drink within the ship. The ability to /hide through the combat with the last boss has been removed. You will be exposed if you hide for too long. Since the characters are standing on a small wooden platform at the top of a pole, hiding for any length of time is just silly.

Other fixes and tweaks may be found if you pay close enough attention... but they don't affect gameplay through the instance.

Enjoy the new Butcher instance and I hope to see you in the obits!
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