January 2023 Update

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January 2023 Update

Postby Kruell » Sat Jan 28, 2023 1:18 pm

Boots of Atonement Quest
I have added a quest to gain a Soul of Sorrows for those who can't run Blackspawn Ridge. This is a one-time quest per character and requires a decent amount of work. You won't gain access to this quest until you get to the quest point requiring the Soul of Sorrows. The quest giver is in Alderra and you will be told during the quest where to locate him.

Captain's Butcher Instance
Fixed several small bugs and tweaked the bosses a bit to solve inconsistencies.
Noxious Pirates now have the correct divinity bonus applied to their damage.
The drop rate was increased for all bosses.

2nd Floor Refinery
This has been made into an instance. Players can take a short way to the Arcane Foreman to save time on a short path. Taking the pathway for a "complete" run and killing all bosses gives greater possible rewards. There is also a "final boss" inside the instance that is currently still a "One a Day". Not everyone can run him each day but they will have to compete to gain access. The drop rate of the instance is adjusted dynamically via scripting. There will always be rewards equal to the difficulty taken.

Ancient Temple
The Ancient Temple is no longer level limited. The monsters inside of the instance will scale to the power of those who enter. Drops will be appropriate for the level of those going in. The instance IS NOT meant to be an end-game instance and is instead a starter instance so there will be no chance of level 25 items dropping.

New World Boss: Ghost Ship
Good luck with him. He will announce himself in the game but not to discord at this time. Players can search Kraken Bay to find the ship. It does move and will move you.

Northern Woods
The area between Bityrn and Turenyara was expanded. There are more areas where the local monsters spawn and a surprise or two. Foraging items will spawn in this new area as well.

We have two new hideouts in-game, Druid and Necromancer. They shouldn't be too difficult to find if you think about them.

KOTH and jrKotH Armors
These armors have been adjusted to give them both Physical and Magical damage resistance.
jrKotH armors will have a 3% Damage Reduction
KotH armors will have a 5% Damage Reduction

There are new minibosses thrown around the realm. These new bosses will drop level 20 or 25 items as well as possibly other valuable things. Many will be located in seldom-visited places so remember to explore.

Drop rates for many monsters were increased.
Some monsters gained extra drops such as crafting mats or other valuable items.
Gem Hoarder has returned.
New daily quests are in the rotation.
New weekly quests are in.
Verdant Dragon battle was fixed to where the Noxious Gas has returned.
Changed Blackspawn Guardian's mass smite so it is now resistible.
Weekly quests now give 10PP and 5CMs, up from 3CMs.
River Shark quest is no longer tied to the teeth or a miniboss spawn.
Several items have had their rarity corrected.
Bags created by Alchemy have had their levels adjusted as well as the material.
If you look like prey you will be eaten

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