A warning to guild owners about setting leaders

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A warning to guild owners about setting leaders

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:08 am

This is probably obvious but i must restate due to a recent issue.

There is only one reason to have leaders over officers. To handle the guild gold (and guild). Otherwise, you do not need them. Leaders are similar to owners, but cannot kick an owner. They should be treated to people you know you can 100% trust. Otherwise, an officer can manage the guild overall, recruit, set motd, etc. No point for leader roles otherwise. If you look at the actual /help commands, you can see what each command does and who can use it. It's been there for awhile.

By skipping officers completely and having leaders only, you risk being guild robbed. In that case, it's unfortunately tough luck. It does suck, and people who do that suck, but it's part of the roles.

If I were a owner, I ADVISE you to double check your roles, and give OFFICER roles only for players you can't 100% trust. If people get upset over that, they shouldn't be in your guild to begin with.

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