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Discord Server Rules

Postby NiteHawk » Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:19 pm

The rules outlined below are for our Discord server, and apply to all channels that you may have access to during your time here. We kindly ask that you try to stay within the lines, use your common sense, and keep our community safe!

In addition to following the Discord Terms of Service (https://discord.com/terms), we only ask that you:

-Be respectful of other members. Don't encourage poor behavior.
Do not troll, harass, impersonate, de-rail discussions, or attempt to raise a negative reaction out of other members.

-Refrain from posting illegal, sensitive or explicit content.
This includes, but no limited to: NSFW, sexual or erotic content, explicit content, or links to illegally obtain copies of the game, cheats, or any other 3rd party software used to exploit.

-Do not encourage exploitative methods or scamming.
Encouraging cheating, scamming, RMT (Real Money Trading), and the use of exploits is pretty lame, and in most cases it only serves to harm users or kill the game. If you have information then please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff in private.

-Respect privacy and personal information.
Do not share any personal information of yourself or of any other person. Additionally, no staff member for Ember Online will ever ask you for any personal information. If you suspect such activities, please contact us.

-English only!
Currently, this is an English only discord server. If you need another language setup on here and the community requires it, please contact myself and we will see about adding it.

-Ease up a little bit. We're all human.
Oozing negative energy all of the time (and I do mean all of the time) is exhausting, both for us and I dare say yourself, too. Repeatedly trying to make the server an unhealthy place for people will likely get you removed.

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