Demonic Protection

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Demonic Protection

Postby Smashur » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:13 pm

So I was questing on an alt today and finished Merkin Holmes quest. I chose the gold as the reward (yes I saw that it said 1375g but if I recall I had chose gold on another quest and it had given me more than listed so I thought it was referred to as "bonus" gold) and was upset to see that it was less than half in comparison to what you could vendor the skull helmet for. I think quest rewards should be on par as far as "worthfulness" goes and this is an example of where that is lacking, imo. Maybe the gold reward should be something more along the lines of 3500g, unless you get that added paragon point (which I still don't think has a functionality in the game as of yet) - then I guess it would be more worthwhile.

[02:03] You have gained 500000 experience!
[02:03] You have earned 1375 gold!
[02:03] You have earned 1 paragon points!

Just a heads up if it wasn't working as intended. If it was, then heads up to everyone turning it in. :D

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Re: Demonic Protection

Postby Lateralus » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:43 pm

Yea I'll take a look in guessing the values got set wrong. If you take the gold option you should always get about 10% more gold than selecting the item and vendoring it.

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