Bigger Balance Change Incoming on Friday v1.5.0.0

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Bigger Balance Change Incoming on Friday v1.5.0.0

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:11 pm

There will be a rather large balance change coming on Friday. You can view them here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=93&p=652#p652

I might of missed a couple smaller things but that is the general list. I'd like to talk about a few of them in longer details.

Rangers: Rangers pets are getting a bit of a debuff, because the intension of them were not to attack around 180 damage. That is rather high and a bit insane. Instead, they deal 60-100 damage (at level 25, depending on the pet, and amount of attacks it has.) For example a pet that has 150 attack damage and 2 attacks might be reduced to 80 average damage, but a pet with 3 attacks might be reduced to 60 average damage. This does not include pet gear. Pets that generally have more attacks will now have less taunt level as well.

Pet gear was also changed, there are a few more options, the options were balanced out. There are a bunch of novelty descriptions now as well. Pet Breath spell now deals 100% damage. so it basically just converts physical damage to spell damage. Mend is the same. There is also a +1 Taunt level item that costs a good deal, but can be used to increased taunt level in the special slot by 1. Good if you want a tanky pet. The pet gear should give more options on what you want. You can make a fast attacking high damage pet, or a pet that focuses on spell damage and spell penetration, or simply a very tanky pet. Alot of the items have benefits and also negatives as well.

Because of this change, rangers will be losing their current pets, sorry! There is nothing that can be done about this because pet values are saved in the player file. However, you will all gain a 'Rare Soul Gem'. It has a 100% capture rate for this month, and will not break if it fails. It still requires you to be higher level then the NPC however, and the NPC must be under 50% HP. It should be easy to reclaim a pet you want. On top of this, you should get gold pouches for gold you spent on pet gear. The rare sol gem will last a month before breaking, so get your pet quickly! All items and gold will be in your telegram box.


Clerics: Clerics now only use light armor. This is needed, as clerics at the moment are very very powerful. You also gain a new spell called aegis, which grants some AC and also grants you some divinity protection against the divinity you are. (I.E. Night would get some protection against Earth.). This is a self spell only. It should put you just over medium armor in AC. It may be adjusted in the future. It has a long duration (little longer than SS) and does stack with SS. With 20 INT you are looking around 9 AC and 5% divinity resistance bonus, which includes spell damage. Paladins also get the spell but also may be adjusted on them too.

With the above change, your heavy armor has been removed and added to your inventory. I also removed the soulbound lock on the item if it had it, so you can move it to another player now. If you do have armor on you, you will get some new light 'limited edition' armor. It will be soulbound locked to you and based on your level. Level 25, 20-24, 15-19, and 8-14 will all get a light armor item to replace their current heavy armor. They will be rare in color (blue) and will be decked with brill enchant.


Knights: Knights now have the second highest HP (Barbs are in front), and have a new shield bash. When your shield blocks, it will deal half damage to the attacker. This can only be stopped 100% if a guardian is protecting the person attacking. The shield bash can still be armor absorbed, but the dodge rate is only 5% of your normal AGI. Two knights do have the chance to shield bash each other in retaliation, I left it like that, we shall see how it works out. The actual damage dealt is based on your damage, not their damage.


Barbarian: Went a different direction with them. They are less resistant to magic, but have the highest HP. I also removed some of their dodge loss and gave them a little more damage to fury. I also removed some of the AGI loss you get when furying from 3% to 1.25%.


Paladin: The only two real changes that I want to state of all the changes they got is that they can now use blunt weapons nicely at higher levels. At level 25, a oad blunt weapon will do slightly more damage then a sword (of the same values obviously). It starts becoming worthwhile around level 15 items if they are decked, but level 20 items should be around par with swords not decked. Both are still viable options though. They also get the aegis spell, which means they can tank a little better in some cases.


Thief: Thieves can now use bows. They can backstab with bows, but it is called 'AMBUSH'. It is about 10% higher damage vs daggers, though some lower end bows might give a tiny bit more more due to the scaling of bows. Ammo matters obviously as well to actually hit this percentage. XP for stealing was increased by 2.5x, and you can now steal from NPCs about 30% better. (Changed scaling on NPCs only, players are still the same rate.)


Races: A few race changes, couple I want to talk about

-Gnomes: Gnomes should be viable again as sorcs. They got 3 allocation points back so you can go full charisma for bonus HP/MP or the extra INT or WIS point without sacrificing END/etc.
-You will see 'Fizzle Rate Reduction'. This is not a set value, it is a value multiplied afterwards. For example, if the fizzle rate of a spell is 10% currently on your character, if you are an elf, it is reduced by 15%. So 10% * 0.15 would be the reduced rate, which would put it down to 8.5% fizzle rate.
-Humans and HE only require 2 stat points to +1 a stat rather then 5 stat points. Humans also get a few little bonuses as well, this should hopefully help out on both races to be viable options, specially when +1ing.


Final Note:

EVERYONE WILL GET ONE FREE STAT RE-ALLOCATION POINT. THIS MUST BE USED IN 30 DAYS. You will not lose XP with this free re-allocation point, so feel free to pick your stats again with no loss.

Hopefully you guys enjoy! Sorry for any issues this has caused you, I have tried to be very nice and compensate for it however. If there are issues, let me know.

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