Debuff system

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Debuff system

Postby Terron » Wed May 02, 2018 1:54 pm

debuffs - currently their system is a tad flawed in my opinion. things like sap/ff get used but dont last long enough with the way group fights are becoming. most fights are seeing multiple healers(not only priests) and sometimes guards to block debuffing out entirely.

i think debuffs should work like curses. they should have a significant difficulty to land, but also be permanently affixed to the target.
the "curses" can be removed via dispel (new chanter ability) or remove curse(new priest/guard spell) or cured via temple for a cost. character death would also remove all curses.

dispel -50 mp- chanter spell that eliminates all debuffs/curses via target. high mana cost and high fizzle. isnt the goto curse removal spell but when a party is being overwhelmed with curses can sway the battle.

remove curse -25 mp- the goto choice for debuff removal. slightly high mana cost but easily lands without much difficulty.

these remove the overwhelming factor of debuffs because they can be canceled.

necromancers should get 2 changes. wither would be split into different spells basically.

spell one would be dark aura, dark aura is the buff portion and grants a necro bonus damage with spells/melee(armor penetration) and spell penetration so its basically the same.

wither would become a necros standard hate spell. wither would be cast to remove buffs from enemies like aegis/stoneskin etc.

anyway just some thoughts. i think it would stop people from running all slayers in groups and give support characters their own "mini war" in the midst of combat. also opens up alot with target swapping and party compositions.
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Re: Debuff system

Postby JadeFalcon » Fri May 04, 2018 6:10 am

Its not that i disagree with this - but i think with the current UI, this might be... just not very practical.
There needs to be changes on how we "see" what chars are suffering under what, and so forth.
Hell, currently sometimes i get buffs (negative or positve) and i dont even realize i got them
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Re: Debuff system

Postby Terron » Fri May 04, 2018 8:30 am

yeah alert window should display buffs dbuffs. and /party should display current ailments/buffs aswell
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